Reversible underblanket silk wool

180 × 200 cm
Reversible underblanket silk wool
180 × 200 cm
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    A reversible underblanket. Silk in summer, pure new wool in winter

    This bed topper is a genuine reversible underblanket, as not only the cover of the two sides differs, but also their filling. One side is made of wild silk fleece and a fine cotton percale, while the other side is lined with pure new wool from certified organic animal husbandry and covered with soft cotton jersey. Thanks to its crimped structure, the new wool is warm and at the same time able to absorb and wick away excess moisture, creating a warm, dry sleeping environment - perfect for winter or cool nights in the warmer months. Wild silk is very light and airy and, thanks to its fiber structure, it can absorb even more moisture without feeling damp and wicks it away again quickly, giving it a cooling effect. This effect is supported by the smooth, fine percale cover. The breathability and absorbency of wild silk ensures a pleasantly dry and balanced sleeping climate - ideal in summer.

    If you live in a region with large temperature fluctuations or are looking for a comforter pad that you can use all year round, this reversible comforter is the perfect choice. The natural moisture and temperature-regulating properties of the two natural materials complement each other perfectly, so you always have the right carpet pad to hand depending on the season or your need for warmth, and the jersey or percale covers are made from organically grown cotton so you can sleep even more soundly.

    Ahimsa wild silk - for the benefit of the silk spinner

    The silk used in the reversible comforter is ahimsa wild silk - it is obtained without harming animals (the Indian "ahimsa" means "do not harm"). The silkworm moths are allowed to hatch before their cocoons are collected and the silk threads are unwound. The threads are then shorter, but this does not matter for bedding - the climate-regulating properties of the silk are retained in any case. The animal-friendly breeding of Ahimsa silk has one drawback for us consumers: The cocoons are opened when the butterfly hatches, so the silk thread that can be unwound is shorter than that of cultivated silk, where the threads are unwound before hatching and therefore remain long. The extraction and processing of the shorter silk thread is more complex, which is why Ahimsa wild silk is more expensive than conventionally produced silk. Prolana only uses golden-brown wild silk, which is particularly suitable as a filling for bedding thanks to its high bulkiness.

    Product Information

    Article Number 213079

      Filling 50% virgin wool, 50% silk. Origin Europe, China, Great Britain. Basis weight 910 g/sqm. Cover made of 100% cotton. Origin Turkey, Pakistan. With check quilting. Elastic bands at the corners ensure good support on the mattress. Made in Germany.
      180 × 200 cm. Filling weight 1,000 g silk, 1,000 g new wool. Total weight 3,300 g.

      Care instructions textile

      do not wash
      do not bleach
      do not tumble dry
      do not iron
      do not dry clean
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