Rocking stool

Rocking stool
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    General Information

    A stool that brings momentum to life - solving a very common problem. With a double utility value that comes from the combination of calm and dynamism. And with a craftsmanship made of maple wood that will tell the story of your (family's) life and at the same time blend handsomely into any lifestyle. An innovative Manufactum product design - developed by us for you.

    Swinging Life

    Your child is sure to love rocking on his or her chair. Children are always on the move, which instinctively promotes both motor and cognitive development. However, you probably don't feel the urge to regularly perform a rescue jump to save your offspring from falling off the tippy chair. That's right! Because we have a solution - and we turn edgy tipping into swinging life. For your offspring. And for you.

    Reversible stools are well known: Simply turned upside down, they offer a second seat height. You'll also find numerous rocking stools on the market - but you can't turn them around. That is why we have combined the possibility of turning and rocking: On the one hand, this stool can be turned 90° and 180°, thereby opening up two different (resting) seat heights in a very classic way. In addition, it takes into account the childlike (and adult) swing of life and enables dynamic, healthy sitting with gentle rocking.

    Added value for young and old

    In southwestern Slovenia, we have found an experienced woodworking shop in Breka. They primarily process wood from the forests in the surrounding area; solid European maple wood is used for the handcrafted production of the rocking stool. The 12 mm thick, fine-pored wood is carefully sanded to a velvety smooth finish, but otherwise remains untreated. This allows the wood to live and breathe with you, developing a beautiful patina over time that tells the story of your life. And minor imperfections, as everyday life can bring with all due care, you will be able to quickly touch up with a little sandpaper.

    At first glance, you will recognize the expert carpentry work by the open finger joints that connect the seat and sides of the swing - this beautifully emphasizes the contrast between the end grain and the longitudinal wood. Most importantly, the finger tines increase the stability of the swing stool. With a load capacity of up to 120 kilograms, you can easily add swing to your adult life (and sitting). If, for once, the offspring feels more like a quiet hour of leisure, he simply turns the stool by 90 or 180 degrees. Now the respective intermediate base acts as a seat: strong, neatly glued wooden dowels also reliably hold it in place. With a 90° turn, the rocking surface faces forward, and the intermediate base offers a slightly lower seat height than after the 180° turn. This results in a suitable sitting position for different body sizes. No matter how you turn it, it is and remains a stable piece of seating furniture - you just have to decide whether you prefer straight dynamics or rest.

    Innovativ. Manufactum product design

    Creating "living products" - that is, products that integrate into your life, that enrich your everyday life and are welcome to age gracefully - is a goal close to the heart of our product designer Markus Stallberg. The focus of his designs is therefore on the innovative added value that a product opens up for you - and innovation consists of solving a problem that arises in our everyday lives.

    "You don't stumble across good ideas," Markus Stallberg emphasizes. Rather, he approaches the solution to such an everyday problem in many small steps, the direction of which is determined by constant observation and questioning. Until a functional solution has been developed, one must "sometimes take wrong paths. Trial and error, reconsideration and further improvements are just as much a part of this process as the lively exchange with a wide variety of people. An open ear for their respective needs is indispensable to produce a product that is functional and yet not too complex. Close cooperation with experienced manufacturers is just as important. After all, the product should not only have an appealing, yet "environmentally friendly" design on paper, on the computer and in the self-built model, but should also be well-crafted and manufactured in a way that conserves resources. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the tried and tested can be transferred to the present - with an additional benefit that ideally "satisfies everyone". Whether this succeeds in the best possible way is decided by life. And thus you.

    Product Information

    Article Number 210136

      Maple wood (origin Slovenia) sanded, material thickness 12 mm. Made in Slovenia.
      Width 30 cm, length 30 cm, height 30 cm. Seat height rest position 23 or 24 cm, rocking position 30 cm. Weight 3.2 kg. Max. Belastungsgewicht 120 kg.
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