Rope ladder oak wood

Rope ladder oak wood
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    Specially for us, an experienced rope factory at Lake Constance makes this solid rope ladder. The ropes made of weather-resistant polyhemp are processed traditionally, that is: turned in custom-made especially for the rope ladder, recognizable by the loop at the upper end of the rope, where no pressing and no splice (as they would be required for cut yard goods) can come loose. To securely fix the rungs, which are made of solid oak, the ropes are passed through a hole in the rung on both sides and around the rung with a half-loop - thanks to this technique, the rope "pinches itself" and reliably holds the rungs in place in the horizontal position. Finally, the end of the rope ladder is secured by a double overhand knot.

    Massive climbing fun. Always on the height

    Since Rapunzel at the latest, every child knows that the ability to overcome height can be very practical. Whether it's the adventurous climb of the seven mountains or the capture of the gold-laden frigate, the daredevil storming of the fortress or taking refuge in the tree house: in the life - or even in the imagination - of a child and his brave comrades-in-arms, many a situation arises in which such a climbing device is of the utmost use. And since not everyone knows a Rapunzel lady, we have chosen a rope ladder.

    Fixed to the tree, tree house or climbing frame, it carries long-suffering large and small - a climbing fun, which admittedly requires a little practice. This is precisely why the climbing and gymnastics exercises on a rope ladder are so valuable from a developmental point of view: they train motor skills and balance excellently and also exercise the entire musculature. And so that the rope ladder also really solid and durable does its job, we have entrusted its manufacture to an experienced rope factory at Lake Constance.

    Made to measure. In the best rope craft

    For us, the workshop of Bernhard Muffler - a family business founded in 1879 - manufactures this rope ladder of the particularly robust and durable kind. The ropes are twisted from polypropylene spun fiber. This material resembles hemp in feel and appearance, but in contrast to the natural fiber, it offers the advantage of being stronger, insensitive to moisture and thus much more weather-resistant. Each rope is processed traditionally, which means: twisted in custom production especially for the rope ladder. You can recognize the traditional processing by the reliable loops at the upper end of the rope, in which the retaining ring is incorporated - here neither splice nor pressing can come loose, as would be required for cut-to-size yard goods.

    On both sides, the rope is passed through the hole in the rung and placed around the rung with a half-beat. Thanks to this technique, the rope "pinches itself", as the expert says, it holds the rung securely and fixes it in the horizontal. Below the last rung, a double overhand knot is tied so that the end of the rope ladder is also well secured. All rungs are of course made of solid oak wood and are thus in no way inferior to the weather resistance of the ropes. Over time, the oak wood will put on the material typical patina - this natural process, which does not affect the quality and stability of the wood, you can delay by occasionally treating the rungs with a wood care oil.


    For household use only.


    Use under direct adult supervision.


    The article is not suitable for children under 3 years. Risk of falling.


    Due to the high tannic acid content of oak wood, blue-black discoloration can occur on the wood surface in combination with moisture and in contact with ferrous metals. In addition, the so-called tannins can be washed out by rainwater and stain surfaces and adjacent materials.

    Product Information

    Article Number 204755

      Ropes made of PP spun fiber. 6 solid oak rungs (Ø 3.5 cm, width 36 cm). Steel swing ring, Ø 5.5 cm. Total length 2 m. Maximum load weight 75 kg. Weight 1,7 kg.
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