Set of Extra Wide A5 Texon Covers

Set of Extra Wide A5 Texon Covers
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    General Information

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    Manufactums Atoma. A notebook and methodology system in prefabricated parts and as a kit.

    The approximately 70-year-old Belgian notebook system Atoma consists exclusively of rolling rings and flying sheets, whereby the rings prevent the sheets from flying and the sheets prevent the rings from rolling - but both always remain easily detachable from each other thanks to a patented special perforation of the sheets. So you can add to, change and mix the various form inserts of your self-assembled notebooks at any time - even with forms, calendar or address book printouts that you create yourself on the blank forms using a PC and printer and punch the appropriate holes with the Atoma punch.

    The kit. This is how you compose your notebook

    - the rings (Ø 17 or 24 mm) - eleven for an A4 and eight for an A5 notebook,
    - 0.8 mm thick book covers, which in our case are made of Texon and are available in A4 and A5 and - for the tab sheets below - in A4 and A5 extra width,
    - inscribable tab sheets with 6-fold tabs in A4 and A5 extra width and
    - special perforated inserts (90 gsm) A4 and A5.

    The assembly is very simple:
    First you thread the rings into the back cover, then the insert (of about eight sheets each) into the rings and finally the front cover. We also offer all blank variants as ready-made notebooks.

    The paper. A real writing paper

    Almost all commercially available "writing paper" is optimized for trouble-free running through offset or office printers, which is always to the detriment of those who want to write on it by hand. We oppose them with a paper that is designed to meet the needs of handwriters. Refill and nib glide cleanly over it, fountain pen and ballpoint pen inks are accepted with contours without running, and graphite pens also leave an extremely homogeneous, clean typeface. An ink-resistant, surface-glued and smoothed uncoated paper made from pure cellulose, ideal for hand lettering. The grammage is 90 gsm with 1.25 times the volume. The cream-colored paper with an opacity of 90% is manufactured in Italy. It is chlorine-free bleached, aging resistant (according to DIN 6738) and suitable for laser as well as inkjet printers.


    Texon, which is related to paper in terms of production technology, is a material made of latexed cellulose fibers that are bound in a waterproof manner and are therefore less sensitive to moisture. It is therefore much more resistant to mechanical stress and does not "delaminate", i.e. - unlike open-edged cardboard - it does not dissolve into individual layers after prolonged use. Texon is used as a leather substitute primarily in the textile and shoe industry, but also serves its purpose as a binding material or, as in this case, as a cardboard substitute.

    Product Information

    Article Number 82536

      4 front and back covers each with extra width. For compiling 4 DIN A5 booklets suitable for registers. 21.5 × 18 cm.
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