Snail fence copper strip

Snail fence copper strip
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    General Information


    Product components made of plastic we try to avoid wherever possible and reasonable. Therefore, in this snail fence, we have the usual plastic ground nails replaced with more durable metal ones.

    Fencing with simple means. Not bound to any shape

    This filigree snail fence consists of a woven copper strip that can be used to fence in areas of up to 20 square meters without being tied to a specific shape, as the strip is flexible. To erect the fence, the enclosed pegs are inserted through one or two meshes in the tape, similar to small posts, and stuck into the ground. In planters, it can also be stretched along the edge of the planter.


    The snail fence comes from a ribbon weaving mill in Wuppertal. Usually dealing with textile material, the copper wire required is purchased there and woven into long ribbons using plastic threads (which give the copper mesh the necessary stability).

    Copper Boundaries

    That snails get an electric shock when they come into contact with copper is a theory that is as widely held as it is unproven. What is considered certain, however, is that the slime produced by the snails, when combined with copper, causes a chemical reaction that damages the animals' mucous membranes through oxidation processes - ultimately preventing the animals from crawling over a copper strip. We offer repellents that owe their effect to a proportion of pure copper - they are suitable for beds and pots.

    Product Information

    Article Number 60962

      Enough for a surface of about 4 m². Warp thread copper (Ø 0,25 mm), weft thread polyamide (Ø 0,3 mm), support thread polyester. The copper component is 89%. Earth nails made of galvanized steel. Fence length 16 m, height 2.5 cm. 16 - 12 cm long nails are included. Total weight 310 g.
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