Sonnenleder Vide-poche rectangular

Sonnenleder Vide-poche rectangular
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    General Information

    Vide-poche. Keeps the small things

    Pocket empty, bowl full - this is how the function of this storage bowl can be briefly summarized (French vider: empty, poche: pocket, usually of clothing), which is also known as Gentleman’ s Tray (presumably because the gentleman of yesteryear had no handbag for his small everyday companions). It is true that the tray preferably holds, as the name suggests, the contents of a trouser pocket, coat pocket or jacket pocket - loose change, keys, telephone - and keeps everything ready to hand in the hallway or entrance area, for example. However, it can of course also be used for all other small items that need an ancestral place when not in use, such as on the desk or dining room table, in the kitchen or bathroom. With its rectangular format, this Vide-poche is suitable for pens, cosmetic utensils and other in oblong format.

    Classically, such pocket emptiers were made of porcelain. Our Vide-poche manufactures Sonnenleder from supple, pit-tanned cowhide - no matter how vigorously you empty your pockets, the leather ensures that the small items can be put down without loud porcelain clattering (definitely an advantage late at night when no one should be startled out of their sleep). The strong leather, optionally in the typical reddish hue of pit-tanned leather or barrel-dyed black, is double-laid and sewn with neatly turned-in edges. Color-matched leather-covered rivets hold the Vide-poche in a cupped shape. Typical of the material, the leather also takes on an individual patina over time, which will be particularly evident in the natural colored leather.

    Leather from the Tanning Pit. Red-Tanned.

    Sonnenleder in Bodman-Ludwigshafen on Lake Constance in the Hegau region stands for consistently purposeful, pure design. The meticulously working company maintains the most traditional method of leather production: pit tanning. Solely hides from southern German cattle find their way into the pits of the company. The tanning agents used by Sonnenleder contain, for the most part, decoctions from bark, roots and fruits. The hides undergo the tanning process in twelve pits with tanning broths slightly rising in concentration; the tanning agents transform the protein fibres of the hides into leather fibres in six to twelve weeks. In the next step, the tanned, then air-dried hides get a fatliquoring finish in a rotating barrel; the composition of the high-quality grease is a well-kept secret recipe. The finished leather thus has a characteristic, slightly light brown-reddish hue (hence the term “red-tanned”), which looks different in each piece. Day-to-day use and exposure to the elements change the shade and result in a patina, a form of natural protection on the surface. Eventually, the leather gains an unmistakable appearance over time. Even the thoroughly imbued leather acquires a shiny patina with use.

    Product Information

    Article Number 212203

      Shell made of two layers of pit-tanned cowhide, origin Germany. Undyed or dyed black in the barrel. Leather-covered rivets (nickel-plated brass) on all four corners. Made in Hungary.
      Outside 27 × 16 cm, inside 23 × 12 cm. Height 4 cm. Weight 140 g.
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