Straight Razor with 1/1 Hollow-Ground Blade by Ralf Aust

Spanish Point - Horn Handle
Straight Razor with 1/1 Hollow-Ground Blade by Ralf Aust
Spanish Point - Horn Handle
    Horn Handle
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    General Information

    Spanish Point, Horn Handle. The Spanish point’s curvature allows for shaving safely along the nostrils and close to the ears. The blade is therefore also suitable for beginners.

    Head thing. Shave with Spanish or American head.

    Ralf Aust razors are available in different widths and with different heads. Wide blades (for example 6/8") are somewhat heavier and can be guided well, are therefore the first choice for beginners. The narrower the blade, the more maneuverable and direct in guidance it is, but also the more demanding in handling, especially if it is made with a straight head.
    The shape of the head also has an influence on use and results: the forward, rounded tip of the Spanish head reaches the areas around the nose and ear better, while the straight, American tip is particularly good for shaving beard contours and precise edges. The narrower 5/8" blade with American head is therefore more suitable for advanced shavers.
    The razors from the Ralf Aust manufactory are already highly sharp when delivered and should only be leathered after the first use and then with very little pressure. It is ideal if the burr has 48 hours to straighten up and then the blade is pulled off. If not used for a long time, please oil the blade, for example with Ballistol.

    Razor. By Ralf Aust

    There are things that set standards. And without this being the motivation or even the goal of the manufacturer, but simply because he knows his craft and stands behind what he makes. (Admittedly, a little perfectionism is usually also in the game.) The razors from the manufactory of Ralf Aust belong to these things, they set standards in terms of haptics and optics, but above all impresses their blade sharpness - not a matter of course for razors, because in the manufactory sometimes end up razors from other manufacturers, which must first be properly brought to sharpness.
    The fully hollow ground blades of Ralf Aust razors are made of non-stainless carbon steel. This steel has a carbon content of about 1% and can therefore be hardened and tempered (quenched and tempered) particularly well. The blade can be sharpened and thus allows - in conjunction with the hollow grind - a very close shave. Due to the ribbing of the finger rest on tang and tang, the razor lies securely in the hand. The easy-care, haptically pleasant handles form a good counterweight to the blade, so that the knife is balanced in the hand.

    Good is not good enough. Perfection is the measure.

    Ralf Aust razors are something for perfectionists. For those who are serious about shaving with a knife and want to enjoy it. Because unlike conventional and often cheaper razors, these knives from the Solingen manufacture are already really, really sharp when delivered. This can be recognized by the so-called "hair test". In this test, a hair held between the thumb and index finger is cut off. The further it can be cut from the holding point, the sharper the blade. For these knives, the distance is 2-3 cm, for conventional ones it is a maximum of 0.5 cm. Four things ensure the special sharpness of the knives:
    - The blade blank. It is made of carbon steel, and although it is not rustproof due to its high carbon content, it can be tempered (hardened and tempered) to a higher degree and can be better dressed, i.e. sharpened, later on. The hardness of the blanks is between 59 and 63 HRC (Rockwell). Carbon steel is also more elastic than stainless steel, which is particularly advantageous for facial shaving, where a flexible blade ensures an even closer shave.
    - The full hollow grind. Before the blade is processed, the blade blank has already undergone 13 operations, the drum grinding. In the hollow grinding machine, the blank receives the special grinding between two round grinding stones, whose radius is responsible for the special geometry of the blade, the hollowing. All razors from Ralf Aust are fully hollow ground, thus particularly sharp and flexible.
    - The plating and honing. During the plating process, the blade and tang are honed with a special paste that is mixed by the user. Both the recipe for this and the skill of plating - the blade must not become too hot, otherwise the properties of the paste will change, as it contains bone meal - form the basis for good sharpening. After the Reiden, the assembly of the handle scales and blade, the Wate (the edge) in several courses on grinding stones with increasing grit (up to 12,000) stripped, speak: made sharp. The perfect sharpness is finally achieved - again in several steps - when the blade is honed on the leather.
    - And a large portion of perfectionism. Ralf Aust carries out all the work steps himself. Craftsmanship and a penchant for perfectionism have grown in equal measure over the 30 years of professional experience. You can see this in every razor as soon as you pick it up - and at the latest when it comes to shaving.


    Horn is a natural product that always varies greatly in coloration and grain. The color palette ranges from light beige, natural to dark brown, almost black. Products made of this material are therefore never identical and unique in terms of color and pattern. Horn should occasionally be rubbed with simple cooking oil and re-polished.

    Product Information

    Article Number 10086

      From Ralf Aust in Solingen. Full hollow ground blade made of non-stainless carbon steel. For right and left handers.
      Spanish head, horn handle.
      The rounding of the head allows the blade to be safely guided along the nose and ear. It is therefore also suitable for beginners.
      Full hollow grind, medium width 6/8" (= 1.9 cm).
      Handle scales made of variegated horn. Length 15.5 cm (unfolded 23.5 cm). Weight 55 g.

      Spanish head, olive wood handle.
      Combines the maneuverability of a narrow blade with the secure handling of the Spanish blade head. The velvety olive wood feels comfortable in the hand, and thanks to the serrated (notched) tang, the razor is slip-proof to hold even with wet fingers.
      Full hollow grind, medium width 5/8" (= 1.6 cm).
      Olive wood handle scales (origin Spain). Length 15.5 cm (unfolded 23.5 cm). Weight 39 g.

      American head, horn handle.
      The rather narrow blade has an American, i.e. completely straight head and is therefore particularly suitable for the exact shaving of (beard) contours. The knife is handy and can be wielded well, but at the same time requires skilled handling.
      Full hollow grind, medium width 5/8" (= 1.6 cm).
      Handle scales made of variegated horn. Length 15 cm (unfolded 23 cm). Weight 45 g.
      Full hollow grind, medium width 6/8" (= 1.9 cm). Handle scales made of variegated horn. Length 15.5 cm (unfolded 23.5 cm). Weight 55 g.
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