Tavern table

160 × 80 cm
Tavern table
160 × 80 cm
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    General Information

    A table fit for an inn must be sturdy above all. This one comes with a top made of solid maple wood. It's hard, very dense and fine-pored, so dirt can't penetrate deep into the wood. The wood is also soaped, so it already brings an initial dirt-repellent grease film. Later, it is usually sufficient to wipe the table with a soapy cloth. The inn table is made for us in the Saxon chairmaker town of Rabenau.

    Our tavern table goes well with all kinds of chairs. We of course offer a chair that in combination with the table create an harmonious ensemble. The tables reflect the middle class taste in furniture from the beginning of the 20th century. The horizontal groove profile in the middle third of the leg is characteristic for this kind of chair, as are the "bulbous " feet, establishing a kinship with our "Old Nikolai School" furniture which has been part of our program since 1998. As with those pieces, these chairs are made according to the same standards in the Saxon chair making town of Rabenau. The frame of the table is made of solid beechwood, stained a dark brown and clear varnished. The joints are pegged and glued..

    Tried and true. Tavern furniture for the home.

    Taverns in Germany are trimmed for tradition. Good innkeepers like to provide hearty dishes in an ambiance of robust furniture. It may seem paradoxical, but the table tops which take a constant beating are made of light-colored maple wood which rises to the occasion. But the innkeepers and brewers know what they are doing when they practice hospitality on such light colored table tops. Like their colleagues in the taverns our tables are furnished with locally grown solid maple. This hard wood is both dense and fine-pored. Grease and dirt deposited on the surface can’t penetrate very deeply into the wood. The select wood panels are bleached (which "homogenizes" the wood texture) and then soaped, which gives it the first layer of protection against grease and dirt. A neutral, preferably unperfumed soap is the best means of care thereafter. It’s usually enough, as in the taverns, to wipe off the table with a soapy rag. Over time a protective film will develop. The seemingly sensitive looking table top will take much more punishment than might appear to be the case. The longer they are in use the more they cancel out stains which "migrate" out of the wood again.

    A note on delivery:

    Free delivery to place of use.

    Inviting and proven. Inn furniture for home

    It goes traditionally high in our inns. A good innkeeper provides the best basics in the form of hearty food - and sturdy furniture. So it may seem surprising at first glance that, of all places where they are subjected to the most wear and tear, tabletops made of light maple wood are in use, seemingly unprotected against these high demands. But they know what they are doing, the brewers and innkeepers who practice a culture of hospitality on such light-colored table surfaces every day. Like their relatives in the inns, our tables have such a solid wood top made of domestic maple. This hard wood is very dense and fine-pored, so grease and dirt, as they clog the pore quickly and on the surface, can not penetrate deep into the wood. The board, glued from hand-selected wood, is bleached (this "homogenizes" the texture of the wood) and then soaped, which gives it an initial dirt-repellent grease film. Neutral, at best unscented soap is the only necessary care product later. It is usually sufficient - think of inn practice - to wipe the table with a soapy cloth after use. In this way, a multilayer protective film gradually builds up. The table surface, which is as vulnerable as it is inviting, is far more forgiving than it might seem. It takes itself, the longer you use it, more and more back, even stains "wander" back out of the wood.

    From Rabenau. Chairs like tables

    Stylistically, these tables like chairs are influenced by the bourgeois furniture at the beginning of the 20th century, and characteristic is the horizontal groove profile in the upper third of the legs as well as their "bulbous" lower end - so they are siblings of our furniture "Alte Nikolaischule", which you can find in our range since 1998. Like these, they are made for us in a proven way in the Saxon chairmaker town of Rabenau.

    Table and chair frames are made of solid beech wood, which is stained darkbraun and clear lacquered. The wood joints are tapped and cold glued, the seat frames mitered and their edges are provided with a bar profile.

    Delivery note:

    Delivery free to point of use.

    Product Information

    Article Number 40251

      Table top made of solid maple, bleached and soaped, 38 mm thick. Frame and legs made of solid beechwood, stained dark and clear varnished. The frame is held to the table top with slotted brackets. Height 77 cm.

      In three table lengths.
      80 x 80 cm. Weight 25 kg.

      120 x 80 cm. Weight 35 kg.

      160 x 80 cm. Weight 45 kg.
      Table surface 160 × 80 cm. Weight 45 kg.
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