Three-chamber pillow

80 × 80 cm
Three-chamber pillow
80 × 80 cm
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    General Information

    Our criteria for a good thing range from natural materials to craftsmanship and environmentally friendly and fair production. This also includes that wool or down is obtained without animal suffering. The manufacturer of this down bedding uses exclusively for Manufactum down and feathers that come from grazing geese of a Bavarian family farm.

    Sink in Softly and Benefit from the Supporting Core Thanks to the Three-Chamber Design.

    Three chambers form a pillow that offers long-lasting support in a high degree and relieves the neck area in particular. The sections of the pillow differ in the filling material in terms of composition and weight. The middle chamber features a filling with 85% feathers and forms the firmer supporting core; the filling of the two outer chambers is 90% down and allows the head to sink in softly.

    Bedding Culture in Scandinavia and Germany: Duvet and Down Pillow.

    If people in Scandinavia and Germany want to sleep well-warmed, they go for a a duvet. Because in terms of warmth, softness and lightness, down and feathers are unsurpassed. Nevertheless choosing the right ones is key: It is highly recommended to use the down and feathers of waterfowls like ducks and geese for filling duvets. The down of adult geese has a larger volume and is even warmer than duck down – with the exception of the noble eider down. Fine goose down has a high bulking capacity. For example, if you are patient enough, you can press 2,000 goose downs into a thimble; released from the pressure, they immediately expand again to their original volume. No other filling material comes close to this bulking capacity and thus to the ability to hold and exchange air. The air between the fine branches of the down provides thermal insulation and the desired warmth. Another plus: The circulating warmth transports moisture away from the person sleeping underneath the duvet.

    Transparent Husbandry with a Focus on Animal Welfare.

    As a matter of fact, good goose down is rare. You find just a share of ca. 25 to 40 grams of down in the feathers of one goose, while you need between 500 and 1,000 grams to fill one duvet. Some breeders, eventually, try to increase the low yield by plucking the animals several times, thereby causing them indescribable pain. Therefore, it is essential to look closely at the origin of down and feathers – and the rearing conditions and plucking practices. The waterfowls husbandry must meet species-appropriate standards. And since there is no plucking without distress to the animals, it has to be done subsequent to the slaughtering. We have found a farm in Bavaria that excludes live-plucking, even in moulting periods. All feathers and down for the duvets and pillows in our range come from this farm.
    The family-run poultry farm breeds primarily for meat production, while the geese feed on grain that grows on the farm. On principle, the feeders add neither growth promoters nor hormones nor antibiotics and other medicines. Last but not least, there is a slaughterhouse onsite the farm grounds, eliminating long transport routes for the animals. Plucking follows the animals’ slaughter. Finally, the farmer has the resulting down and feathers cleaned and ready-packed for shipment.

    Product Information

    Article Number 67590

      Filling of the inner chamber: white, new pure feathers and down from Bavarian geese (kept in free-range farming), 1st Class, 85% feathers, 15% down. Filling weight 500 g / 850 g.
      Filling of the outer chambers: white, new pure feathers and down from free-roaming Bavarian geese, 1st Class, 90% feathers, 10% down. Filling weight 120 g / 200 g.
      Twill ticking 100% cotton in white; with piping.
      80 × 80 cm. Filling weight approx. 1,050 g.
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