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Tidy box
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    General Information

    An outstandingly solid tidy box - far too beautiful for basements, perfect for the nursery. Made of velvety-smooth, European maple wood, we have built this order keeper sturdy enough for children, supplemented it with a writable magnetic board and completed it functionally by making it stackable. An innovative Manufactum product design - developed by us for you.

    Creative and colorful instead of just chaotic

    As sudden as Christmas: Unexpectedly, the motley creative world of the children's room turns into pure chaos. Scattered building blocks, homeless stuffed animals, lost toy cars and defoliated children's books - to systematically stand up to the chaos, man has invented the storage space.

    Especially in the children's room, such storage space has to fulfill several conditions. It should be quickly at hand instead of stubbornly eluding reach. With its robust materiality, it must be able to calmly withstand children's storms of enthusiasm (or expressions of displeasure). Ideally, the storage space can be incorporated into your children's creative play. And last but not least, it should also enrich the children's room aesthetically. For reasons of sustainability and longevity alone, plastic is unnecessary. The perfect alternative? We have built it for you.

    Stable, velvety, stackable - and simply beautiful

    The experienced woodworking shop Breka is located in southwestern Slovenia and handcrafts the storage box according to our specifications. They mainly use wood from the surrounding forests; this storage box is made of solid European maple wood. Maple wood is naturally very fine-pored and therefore quite easy to care for. That's why the 12mm thick wood is sanded to a velvety smooth finish and otherwise left untreated. While the tidy box accompanies your children and you through everyday life, the untreated wood can develop a beautiful patina over time, which tells of your motley life. Smaller quirks, as everyday life can bring them with all due care, you will be able to quickly touch up with a little sandpaper.

    The expertly executed craftsmanship can be recognized at first glance by the open finger joints, through which the side parts are connected to each other. This form of wood connection significantly increases the stability of the box - and allows the contrast of end grain and lengthwise wood to stand out very nicely. A magnetic board is flush-mounted in the front, which can also be written on and painted with whiteboard markers and chalk pens. Whether you attach a photo to it or neatly note down what has been put in the box, or whether your offspring creates a piece of blackboard art - we are happy to leave that up to your preferences (and those of your offspring). Another well-considered advantage is the space-saving stackability: the feet fit flush with the edges of an underlying crate of the same design, so that the stack does not slip. Thanks to the recessed grip holes at the front and back, you can effortlessly pull the crate towards you, lift it, carry it around and stack it.

    You will be able to benefit from all these advantages for a long, long time. Beyond childhood and the children's room, the tidy box will prove to be a solid companion in everyday life and still play out its practical and aesthetic advantages next to the couch, for example, equipped with knitting, pillows and blankets.

    Innovativ. Manufactum product design

    Creating "living products" - that is, products that integrate into your life, that enrich your everyday life and are welcome to age gracefully - is a goal close to the heart of our product designer Markus Stallberg. The focus of his designs is therefore on the innovative added value that a product opens up for you - and innovation consists of solving a problem that arises in our everyday lives.

    "You don't stumble across good ideas," Markus Stallberg emphasizes. Rather, he approaches the solution to such an everyday problem in many small steps, the direction of which is determined by constant observation and questioning. Until a functional solution has been developed, one must "sometimes take wrong paths. Trial and error, reconsideration and further improvements are just as much a part of this process as the lively exchange with a wide variety of people. An open ear for their respective needs is indispensable to produce a product that is functional and yet not too complex. Close cooperation with experienced manufacturers is just as important. After all, the product should not only have an appealing, yet "environmentally friendly" design on paper, on the computer and in the self-built model, but should also be well-crafted and manufactured in a way that conserves resources. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the tried and tested can be transferred to the present - with an additional benefit that ideally "satisfies everyone". Whether this succeeds in the best possible way is decided by life. And thus you.

    Product Information

    Article Number 210137

      Maple wood (origin Slovenia) sanded, material thickness 12 mm. Width 33 cm, length 33 cm, height 34 cm. Weight 2,7 kg. Made in Slovenia.
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