Friedrich Wilhelm Giese

Towel rack for radiator brass

Large 55 cm
Friedrich Wilhelm Giese
Towel rack for radiator brass
Large 55 cm
    Large 55 cm
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    General Information

    Brass in the bathroom.

    Everything's chrome-plated today – the thinnest of steel, zinc, even plastic! You can usually tell because the weight doesn't seem right. And the workmanship is often sloppy and not made to last – which you notice when the thin layer of chrome starts peeling off after a few weeks and the metal underneath gets rusty. (We've seen real sponges left on chrome plate go brown in less than a week.) The next few articles we present are also chrome-plated – but with a difference: the metal below is solid nickel-plated brass. In other words, built to last. And rustless – we promise. All of them are manufactured in Germany or Italy with a copper content of around 60%.

    A good way to dry your towels: on the radiator.

    Slip our dryer on to the kitchen or bathroom radiator and you have the simplest and most sensible device to hang and dry your small towels, kitchen cloths and other small things on. It has an adjustable frame that can be adapted to radiators with a projection of up to 11 cm.

    Brass in the Bathroom.

    Today, it seems everything gets a bright finish and one finish only – by chromium plating: the thinnest steel plates, zinc die-cast articles and even synthetic material. When you take the piece in hand, and the particular product does not weigh much, it indicates that you may find synthetic material underneath the plating. And, frequently, chromium plating is poor and inadequate. You notice that – usually too late –, when a paper-thin layer of chrome peals away after only a few weeks and the underlying metal begins to rust. (For example, there are chrome-plated steel appliances, upon which a discarded natural sponge turns brown in less than a few days.) These bathroom utensils are also chromed, but underneath there is massive, nickel-plated brass. Therefore, we can assure you that they will last. Most importantly, they won’t rust. They are produced in Germany France, Spain, and Italy – with a copper amount of approximately 60%.

    Product Information

    Article Number 82164

      Bars 1.8 cm in diameter. Comes in two sizes:
      Large. Suitable for towels up to 55 cm wide. Height 7 cm, width 61 cm, depth 22.5 cm. Weight 1.5 kg.
      Small. Suitable for towels up to 43 cm wide. Height 7 cm, width 49 cm, depth 22,5 cm. Weight 1,2 kg.
      Large: For towels up to 55 cm wide. Height 7 cm, width 61 cm, depth 22.5 cm. Weight 1.5 kg.
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