Weekly planner enamel

Weekly planner enamel
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    Beautiful views. Traditional printing and enameling technology.

    We have realized the Manufactum weekly planner with a manufacturer who is still able to produce such objects at the technical level of historical enamel signs. Enameling and printing are done in stenciling technique in several operations. Each color is applied individually. This results in a prominent surface - as was already characteristic of the historical models, but cannot be produced in the simple screen and transfer printing process - as well as a visually convincing contrast, in which the matte black of the writing surfaces steps to the high-gloss white, red and black.

    Saturday comes the Sams.

    Writable, magnetic and prepared by its thoughtful design for very different planning requirements: The Manufactum weekly planner supports you effectively, whether you want to organize your personal daily or weekly schedule, your office or your family life. Upcoming appointments can be noted with a chalk pen or milk pen; completed tasks can be wiped away without a trace with a damp cloth. Bills to be paid, tickets, etc. can be attached with a magnet; if you use sufficiently strong ones, even heavy and large-format objects can be held, including a bunch of keys, a large telephone list, and much more. Its greatest strength, however, is its design. In addition to the vertical day surfaces, it has two horizontal writing surfaces at the base that can remind you of tasks that are not related to the day; a clear distinction is made between everyday and weekend planning. The four small writing surfaces on the left-hand side turn it into a day planner (morning, noon, evening, night), an office planner (Meier, Schmidt, Schneider, Fischer) or a planner for a family household (Donald, Tick, Trick and Track), as required. And whoever wants can also prepare a full (lunar) month by entering the calendar week: Then it becomes a planner with a range of 28 days.

    Product Information

    Article Number 67717

      Magnetic, writable enameled steel sheet weekly schedule, cambered. Assembly holes with rubber eyelets.

      Height 53 cm, width 75 cm. Weight 1.3 kg. Delivered without mounting hardware and decoration.

      Pleasant Views. Traditional printing and enameling techniques.
      We created the Manufactum weekly schedule together with a manufacturer who can still produce such items at the same technical level of historical enamel signs. For enameling and printing a stencil technique consisting of several steps is used. Each color is applied separately. The result is a prominent surface that was characteristic for the historical predecessors, but cannot be acquired with simple screen or transfer printing techniques and an optically convincing contrast, in which the matted black of the writable surfaces is accompanied by high brilliant white, red and black.

      SA for Saturday.
      Writable, magnetic and with a thoughtful design this board is prepared for very different planning tasks. The Manufactum weekly schedule efficiently supports the planning of your personal daily or weekly routine as well as your office or family life. Upcoming appointments can be noted with chalk or a slate pencil; completed tasks can be wiped out without a trace, using a wet cloth. Bills to be paid, tickets, etc. can be stuck to it with magnets and even with the help of stronger magnets you can stick heavier and larger items like a bunch of keys, an extensive telephone list and much more to the board. However, its greatest asset is the design. Beyond the vertical day areas, the schedule has two horizontal writing areas to remind you of date-independent tasks and there is a clear difference between weekday and weekend planning. The four small writing areas on the left side can be used as a daily schedule (morning, midday, evening, night), office schedule (Miller, Smith, Myers, and Jones) or a family schedule (Donald, Tick, Trick and Track). And, if desired, you can prepare the whole (moon) month by adding the week of the year. Thus, you will have a schedule for 28 days.
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