Wooden blocks natural shapes

Fracture plates
Wooden blocks natural shapes
Fracture plates
    Fracture plates
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    General Information

    Everything is a question of balance ...

    No two stones are alike - and yet (with a little patience) one stone remains on top of the other. Which is more likely to stimulate you and your child to try things out: the stereotypicality of a precisely cut, always the same ashlar - or the unpredictable irregularity of a quarry stone? No question, the challenge of stacking these wooden building blocks in natural shapes to form a stable construction is incomparably greater than with the classic tower of identical wooden building blocks. Instead of straight edges, arbitrary-looking intersections, instead of bolt-straight towers, undulating stacks - the essence of free play is revealed here.
    Their almost infinite variety is a captivating incentive and the best remedy against impending boredom. These pieces are relatively large and easy to grip, they are made of natural beech wood and are velvety-warm to the touch, they are all different and yet fit together and on top of each other, they are nature and art at the same time. The Zen-like fascination that these wooden building blocks exert on young and old alike, therefore, does not diminish and at the same time contributes to cognitive development: Playfully, your child learns the principle of gravity and how to counter it with balance. A better training of fine motor skills can hardly be imagined, nor a more creative exercise in patience that has such a meditative effect. Last but not least, playing with the balancing stones promotes the child's emotional development: It also learns to deal with the disappointment of a failure - polter and pardauz - and to immediately try the building again.

    ... and patience

    The wooden building blocks in natural forms were developed by a Dutchman who leads a very nature-oriented life with his family. Under the impression of anthroposophical thought, he designed these wooden building blocks for his children to be able to playfully encourage as well as challenge them in their natural development process. Ten to fifteen work steps are required for each individual wooden building block until it has found its "final natural form". High-quality domestic beech wood is used, which has proven to be an ideal material for wooden toys: It is hard, strong and does not splinter. Again and again, the beech wood is sawn and sanded, sanded and sawn. With the help of large and small band saw, table saw and disc sander, the carpenter - himself a paragon of patience and care - gradually works out the individual shape that he finally finds good and suitable.

    Setting an example. With respect for nature

    In playing with these wooden building blocks, your child and you are following in big footsteps: since proverbial times immemorial, people have been trying their hand at piling up natural stones into permanent piles and towers. Originally, such stone towers, also known as "Steinmännchen" in German-speaking countries, served as prominent signposts in confusing terrain. In modern times, however, their creative aspect has come to the fore. Thus, stone balance is a recent art form that experiments with balance and its transience. Against the backdrop of popular "I was here" selfies, however, the ubiquitous trend of marking stone stacks also threatens to become a problem: Stone landscapes in the mountains and by the sea are habitats that are thrown out of their natural balance by the artificial stacking of stones. Plant roots are exposed, animals lose their shelter under the stones. In some places, especially at popular tourist destinations, downright "deconstruction" by experts is required to restore the natural landscape and with it the ecological balance.
    So should you also want to make a statement, you'd better reach for these wooden bricks. With them, you and your child can stack and build to your heart's content - entirely carefree and sustainable, without affecting an ecosystem.

    Product Information

    Article Number 205045

      Untreated beech wood (origin Germany).
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