X47 Organization system A5

X47 Organization system A5
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    General Information

    The bolide. The X47 organization system in A5 format

    The X47 organization system in A5 format is the opus magnum of the X47 range. It has a total of six spring-loaded rails, four of which are placed in the binding for A5 inserts, and one each for A5 and A6 inserts on the right and left outside, so that it can be opened in triptych style and can hold everything inside that facilitates the organization of professional and private matters. For example, the four mechanisms in the waistband hold two calendar inserts in which professional appointments and tasks can be noted, while the address insert on the right stores contact data and the mechanism on the left is suitable for the monthly calendar in A6 format. This monthly calendar, just like the A6 notebook, can of course be latched into the A6 format X47 system suitable for jacket pockets, which you will also find in our range.

    This Side of Digital Nirvana.

    Every organization starts out with a tool. That is literally, philologically true. The Greek word "organon", which is the root of the word organization, means exactly that. But there can be many tools in an organization and nowadays it’s digital "tools" and "apps" which collect and sort addresses, appointments and notes, parking them in a globally accessible digital never-never land (or "cloud"). It has its admirers. For analogue individuals, there is a broad spectrum of organizational aids beyond smartphones, laptops or tablet computers. It’s interesting to observe how the size of those analogue systems followed the vector of technological development of electronic devices. During the heyday of the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, as the older among us will recall) the pocket calendar and books for taking notes couldn’t be small enough, which is why even formats smaller than jacket pocket compatible A6 entered the market. In the tablet computer era, the A5 took over as the only serious desk top format. The analogue organization system features both formats, but its greatest strength is the elaborate concept and the ability to combine components in different formats.

    Analogue is also smart.

    The X47 was designed by the former management consultant, Matthias Büttner. It’s a natural outgrowth of his appointment packed business practice. In the last several years it has matured into a well thought out system of options and combinations. There are places in the booklets for appointments, addresses, notes, etc. which can be secured with the aid of a rod in the spine in spring loaded tracks inside the leather cover. The primary advantage is that a completely filled X 47 cover is quite a bit more slender than a ring binder, which has a "minimum thickness" determined by the construction (i.e. the binder mechanism plus the thickness of the cover). An additional advantage is that the insert can be written on almost to the middle of the page. And finally, the individual "sub-systems" (annual calendar, monthly and weekly plans, notebooks with different rulings) can be quickly re-shuffled for daily use: Is the annual calendar, the monthly calendar, or the more detailed weekly calendar needed (or all three)? Should the ruling be used today for sketches, or hand-written notes? Is a logbook or a teacher’s calendar needed? These are all parameters which can be quickly decided and implemented and in contrast to ring binder logic they can be easily established as functional units. You’ll only be taking with you what you actually need for today. Or tomorrow, when the requirements might be completely different. We offer four versions of the X47 – one opulently and one basically equipped (and correspondingly economical) model in A5 and both models in A6.

    Diesseits von Wolkenkuckucksheim

    At the beginning of every organization is a tool. This is to be taken quite literally: The Greek term "organon", to which the word organization ultimately goes back, denotes nothing else. But, as we all know, there are many tools, even in organization, and they are often digital tools and apps that collect and manage addresses, appointments and notes, and even make them available worldwide via a digital cloud cuckoo land. You can like and use that, but you don't have to. For analog workers, too, there is a wide spectrum of organizational aids beyond the smart cell phone and beyond the laptop or tablet PC, although it is interesting to observe how the size of such analog systems relates to the respective level of technical development of electronic devices: While pocket calendars and notebooks could not be small enough during the heyday of the PDA (personal digital assistant, the older ones remember) (which is why even formats below the largest still jacket pocket-compatible A6 were in demand), in the days of the tablet PC A5 is increasingly succeeding as the smallest serious desk format. The analog organization system offered here offers both formats - but above all it impresses with the sophisticated concept and the partly cross-format combinability of its individual system components.

    Product Information

    Article Number 60499

      For five A5 inserts (in the center and on the right side) and one A6 insert (left side). Cowhide finely processed by bag-makers. With four pockets for A5 sheets or once folded A4 sheets, one slightly smaller pocket , 5 pockets for credit cards, season tickets and business cards, three ribbon markers in different colors and a pen loop for slim writing instruments with a length of up to 15 cm.
      24 × 17 cm. Height, filled with 6 inserts, 30 mm. Weight 280 g. Delivery without inserts, cards, and writing instrument.
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