Container DS Flat

RAL 7021 Black grey
Container DS Flat
RAL 7021 Black grey
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    General Information

    Discover MAGAZIN products: Collaborating with innovative designers, MAGAZIN develops and produces this unique furniture and home accessories series.

    CONTAINER DS in the flat version. The CONTAINER DS FLAT serves a variety of purposes: It can be used individually and, with the additionally available wall bracket, can be used as console furniture in the living room or office. As a stacked element in combination with the classic CONTAINER DS it offers - despite its reduced volume - space for storage and stacks of papers. Its unusual dimensions make it an interesting addition to the CONTAINER DS series. This container has the basic dimensions of the classic model CONTAINER DS and can be combined with it as well as the framework frames, the shelf element TARA as well as the wardrobe element and the various feet and castors and stacked in height according to the system. For each container we supply four connectors for fixing the containers to each other. To ensure the perfect fit of the door, the containers must stand straight on a flat surface or be aligned with the help of the height-adjustable feet or casters. In addition, the interior floor is equipped with a cable aperture with a diameter of four centimeters in the middle, at a distance of two centimeters from the rear wall. CONTAINER DS FLAT also offers a whole range of different supplementary articles that further expand the versatility of the furniture.

    Series Container DS

    Synonymous with storage and transport: the container in its archetypal surface of folded steel. We offer this cabinet furniture in the miniaturized form of overseas containers in four different versions. These well-proportioned storage boxes serve many purposes and areas of use. All containers have perforations in the bottoms for passing cables. The classic container as well as the flat and small container have doors hinged to the top of the body, which slide into the top of the body when opened and thus almost completely disappear. The CONTAINER DS PLUS is upright and has a conventional hinged door on the side.

    The classic: The CONTAINER DS in the proportion of a sea container is virtually the archetype of the series CONTAINER DS. It serves as a cabinet in the living room for china and utensils for the set table, in the office for storing files in standardized format or for paper and office utensils. As a chest of drawers for linen and as a piece of furniture in the hallway and wardrobe. It can be combined in its basic rectangular shape with a variety of complementary accessories. Various feet and casters or the two framework frames serve as the basis. The shelf element TARA has the outer contour of the container and can be stacked with it in height via connectors included in the delivery. The coat rack completes the container to a functional wardrobe. The container of this format is available in limited color selection equipped with a lock. It can be mounted on the wall with a separately available bracket.

    The flat one: CONTAINER DS FLAT has the footprint of the classic CONTAINER DS and can be connected to it in height and stacked. It can be combined with the above mentioned accessories of the classic CONTAINER DS. This container often serves as a flat element that is built into a stack of the classic container. It is useful with its special volume for the stack of paper, for utensils and as a shelf for many purposes. It can be mounted on the wall with a separately available bracket.

    The small one: The CONTAINER DS KLEIN as the little brother of the CONTAINER DS does not have the proportions of a sea container, unlike its archetypal big role model - it is narrower, with identical depth and height. With its small size and unusual formatting, it serves as a piece of side furniture next to the bed and sofa and can also be stacked up to form a tower. It can be equipped with all separate feet as well as the casters. Unlike its sister models, it is always equipped with a smooth cover shelf in the respective color. The shelf element TARA KLEIN has the outer contour of the container and can be stacked with it in height via connectors included in the delivery.

    The big one: A very special piece of furniture with its own range of uses is the CONTAINER DS PLUS. It can be used in portrait format and serves as a locker-like clothes or wardrobe cabinet and can also be used as a large-volume cabinet, individually or stacked on top of each other in the kitchen, office or other places. This large container is stackable like all other sister models via included square connectors. A clothes rail is included, and a specially designed shelf and cover shelf are available separately as accessories.


    Product Information

    Article Number 204228

      Dimensions: Outer dimensions: W 88 × D 40 × H 19.5 cm, inner dimensions: W 84 × D 36 × H 13.5 cm, Cable feed-through: Ø 4 cm
      Weight: 14.5 kg
      Material: tubular steel; sheet steel, powder-coated
      Design: Kuno Nüssli
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