Withdrawal of your consent

As a visitor of this website, under art. 7 sec. 3 GDPR you have the right to withdraw your consent given to us for the different types of data processing defined under section 3.4.3 (including the subsections) in our data privacy information at any time for future visits. To make withdrawing your consent as easy and convenient as possible, you can do so simply by clicking the “Withdraw consent” button.

This modifies the content of the cookie called “mf-tracking-opt-in” in your browser. This modification saves your withdrawal in the cookie and makes sure that no more data is processed in accordance with sec. 3.4.3, which we base on your consent to that effect. This cookie is permanent but only applies to the browser and device you are currently using. Furthermore, this does not affect the legality of our data processing before you withdrew your consent.