Finger paints set of 4 basic colors

Finger paints set of 4 basic colors
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    General Information

    These water-soluble finger paints are pleasantly creamy and can be spread without dripping with the finger (or even with a brush, sponge or stamp - you can not guess before where childlike inventiveness will lead). The four basic colors could be mixed to Kunterbuntem or even diluted; the finger paints adhere to fabric, paper and cardboard as well as on stone or the window pane.

    From hand to mouth. Certified organic

    Children are born explorers and discoverers. In their explorations, they give their all and chew on the Objekten of their interest no less than adults do on insights and findings. Downright enthusiastically put especially toddlers tools and materials in their mouths (about nose and ear we politely silent at this point).

    Even if edible finger paints are not the actual goal, child-friendly toys must be harmless to health just in case. For these finger paints, only resource-saving natural raw materials are used; likewise, their natural colors are created by mineral and vegetable pigments in food or cosmetic quality.

    Who wants a pen? We want finger paints

    An average of about 700 tactile receptors are found on the sensitive human fingertip. Tactile we perceive subtle differences of cold and warm, soft, rough, hard and much more, from birth we grasp the world to the detail through our sense of touch.

    "Who wants a pen?" asked Steve Jobs when he introduced the first iPhone in 2007. "Nobody wants a stylus. You have to get it and put it away, you lose it ... uh." The stylus is not a reliably accessible object. My finger, however, I always have with me: the perfect "original pen".

    Perceiving and designing merge over finger paints to creative play. It promotes the development of child intelligence, sensory and fine motor skills. With finger paints, children can live out their imagination and creativity - and just splendid mud.

    Natural Products by neogrün. Complying with NCP-Vegan Standards.

    Treating people and nature with respect is at the heart of neogrün. According to their mission statement, Dr Alexander Hilo and Enrico Nickel harbour a “passion for the environment, creativity and research”. The two founding fathers of neogrün set store by manufacturing toys in a way that conserves resources. Besides being a source of creativity and fun, their toys are safe in use and 100% biodegradable. Their products are certified according to the NCP-vegan standard (Nature Care Product vegan) including the following criteria:

    • produced exclusively from raw materials from natural/plant sources as listed in the NCP standard,

    • containing no genetically modified ingredients,

    • carrying no radioactive irradiation,

    • containing no harmful/environmentally hazardous compounds,

    • developed without animal testing,

    • packaging in reusable/recyclable materials.

    We don’t want to hide the only downer: The modelling clay and finger paints come in cups made of polypropylene (PP) guaranteeing the high-quality consistency of clay and paints for a more extended period. If nothing else, the polypropylene used here is free of plasticizers (BPA-free) and 100% recyclable.

    Product Information

    Article Number 203406

      Set of 4 finger paints. 1 tin 120 g each. In the basic colours red, yellow, blue and green. In a cardboard box, 14.5 × 14.5 × 5.5 cm.
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