Privacy screens and fences

The assembly of our plug-in fences is conceivably simple. The elements - depending on the design either individual, interlocking round bars or larger, ready-made fence segments - are inserted into the ground to a depth of about 20-30 cm. Neither a foundation is necessary, nor do holes have to be dug for installation. Consequently, the dismantling of such a fence is just as easy as the erection - for example, if it is to be moved to another place or to take a different course. We offer plug-in fences in two versions: either with bars made of untreated steel, which takes on a beautiful reddishbraune rust patina over time, or in a hot-dip galvanized version, which is permanently protected against rust.

Walks with. A fence from individual bars

It supports a still young hedge planting towards the street, provides a decorative and at the same time hazard-proof border around the garden pond or serves as a secure support for overflowing rose bushes. The fence is created by inserting the crutch-shaped individual poles into each other; in the case of straight, non-circular stretches, a single end pole forms the end. In this way, individual elements form a self-supporting, mobile fence that can be easily moved to other locations in the garden at any time and is variable in length, height and course. Plug-in fence Steel rods 1 m Consisting of eight elements each, which when plugged together form a fence one meter long. Round steel, rods Ø 1.2 cm, height 1.25 cm.

89,90 €

The model for longer distances. Plug fence steel segments

In this version, the plug fence consists of larger, interconnected elements. In sections of 1.35 m each, these more quickly "bridge" larger distances and are suitable for building a simple, very plain garden fence. The only decoration are the small loops at the end of each rod. The segments are simply inserted firmly into the ground, support is provided by the connecting rods, which you need to order separately. The steel fence elements are covered with a protective wax layer, which the rain washes off over time; a beautiful reddishbraune rust patina then develops. Round steel. Ø 1 cm. Height 1.15 cm, width 1.35 cm.

179,00 €