Cleaning pavement joints. Or: the choice of weapons

When cleaning joints overgrown with unwanted "weeds", a veritable state of war prevails in some gardens, and the arsenal of weapons resorted to in the process is frightening. Whole areas are covered with salt and vinegar essences or even with herbicides, so that not a leaf or a stem will stir. The collateral damage is considerable: the substances penetrate into the groundwater, also damage the crop growth in the vicinity, and not infrequently there is also unsightly discoloration on the surfaces cleaned in this way. Therefore, for this work we recommend a return to conventional weaponry and offer mechanical hand weeders or joint scrapers, in the design and function of which the knowledge of several generations of gardeners has been incorporated. And if it is absolutely necessary to have a weapon with "remote action", we recommend a device that performs its work exclusively by heat (and without an open flame).