Leaf removal

This is also - mostly in autumn - one of the activities in the garden: collecting fallen leaves. They should not be left on the lawn for too long, so that the grasses are not damaged by lack of light. Under trees and shrubs, on the other hand, the leaves form a protective mulch layer that should not be removed until the plants sprout again in the spring - if they are healthy. Diseased leaves should be collected and removed from the garden. Here we have compiled some tools that facilitate sweeping and collecting.

Compost basket. For leaves and other

Leaf composter Galfan wire

First of all, this composter made of 3 mm galfan wire serves as a collection container for the autumn leaves and then does a good job of composting them: The leaf rotting, which takes place under great heat, can take place in the open wire mesh with air exchange - the leaves collapse within a short time to a fraction of their volume and are then suitable directly for mulching or, mixed with lawn cuttings, horn shavings and shredded material, as one of the best soils for bedding and container plants. Outside the "foliage season", there is another recommended use: placed on the lawn, the wire basket can be used quite excellently as an outdoor enclosure for rabbits, guinea pigs or turtles.

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