Set to air. Drying laundry outside

Rotary dryer woodRotary dryer wood

If the freshly washed laundry is hung outside in the open air, it has - especially if it has found a nice place in the garden - not only an incomparable, fresh scent, but it also dries faster than indoors. This is partly because there is usually a gentle breeze outside, which causes the water molecules to disappear from the fabric more quickly. But even more so, the low humidity ensures rapid drying, because when hung up in a room, bathroom or laundry room, the wet laundry moistens the air, whose moisture content rises, which in turn moistens the laundry - a cycle in which the laundry remains clammy. So, out with the laundry, into the fresh air. If this is not possible for you, you should make sure that the air can circulate well between the garments and that the clothesline is stretched at right angles to the window.

Well ventilated. Clothes horse wood

When unfolded, this clothes horse with its compact dimensions is particularly suitable for holding a lot of laundry (such as a machine load) in a small space. It's even smaller when folded, so when it's not in use, it can be easily stowed away. We have it made in a Lüneburg cabinetmaker's shop; with interchangeable bars. Laundry rack with frame made of low-starch pine, bars made of beech wood. Unfolded height 148 x width 87 x depth 35 cm, folded height 70 x depth 11 cm. Weight 3,4 kg. Delivery without decoration. Note: For machine wet laundry the laundry rack is not suitable, for light and delicate laundry stand only conditionally.

179,00 €

Clothes fan. For indoors and outdoors

Clothes fan cast aluminum

From the old mold stock of a Solingen foundry comes this hinged coat hook. In its grooves it carries many hangers with damp laundry or laundry in need of airing, and by means of a clothesline passed around the serrations or through the holes, two of these hooks can easily be made into a space-saving fold-away clothes dryer, for example over the bathtub or on the balcony. Height 11 cm, width 2.5 cm, projection 33 cm. Weight 190 g. Without mounting hardware.

39,90 €

Ruckzuck: scissors laundry dryer

Scissors laundry dryer aluminum

Often copied and disfigured - even to the point of plastic versions - since the 1950s, yet always unrivaled: the "Ruckzuck" from the Artweger family company founded in 1923 in Bad Ischl, Austria, is the classic among scissor-type laundry dryers. A simple handle and 20 kg of laundry find their place on this sturdy drying aid. When pushed together, it protrudes only 11 cm; when needed, it extends to 58.5 cm and then holds almost 7 meters of laundry on a total of 9 sturdy rods. The scissor construction made of aluminum and the plastic-coated steel rods allow the dryer to be used outdoors as well. Clothes dryer with wall rails. Height 18.5 cm, width 77.5 cm, projection 11-58.5 cm. Weight 2 kg. Load weight max. 20 kg. Mounting accessories and instructions are included.

64,90 €

For domestic tidiness. Laundry sorter

In the western Münsterland these laundry sorters are created, which are also respectable away from the utility room, laundry room or cellar. Each laundry bag holds about 40 l or at least one washing machine load. The hanging bags (100% cotton, unbleached, fabric weight 285 g/sqm), attached with ribbons and washable at 60 °C, can be removed individually and are equipped with carrying loops for transport. The foldable wooden frames made of domestic larch wood are delivered assembled.

Laundry basket. In cube technique

Wicker basket cube technique large

This traditional laundry basket is woven in the so-called cube technique, that is, with a double-walled weave that ensures a very high stability and a smooth surface on the inside as on the outside. Provided with smooth ground wooden runners to protect the bottom. Made of peeled solid willow, aged for several months. Volume 50 l. Height 31 x width 61 x depth 42 cm. Weight 2,7 kg. Dimensions may vary slightly.

399,00 €
Maintain washing machine, laundry care

Washing machine care:

  • Limescale deposits on the heating rods and soap residues form less if you regularly add 1 tablespoon of citric acid or 1 cup of vinegar to the softening chamber of the washing machine and run a wash cycle through it.

Washing machine care:

  • A few drops in the wash water cause wool sweaters to scratch less and keep their shape better.
  • Yellowed laundry becomes bright again if you soak it in soda solution (1 to 2 tablespoons per 10 l of water) before washing. Alternatively, you can add some stain salt to the wash cycle.
  • When washing with (fragrance-neutral) soap nuts, the cotton bag in which the nuts are filled can be sprinkled with a few drops of essential oil (e.g. or lemon) so that the laundry gets a special scent.