Garden in winter. Frost protection for plants

Nightly frost in the soil can be the undoing of many plants. Whether in a container, balcony box or bed, whether freshly sown, just planted or already of mature plant age: the drop in temperature to less than 0 °C above the ground is just as damaging at the beginning of the winter season as in spring. But this does not have to be the case: Frost protection fleeces or mats made of breathable materials such as coconut, sheep's wool or jute felt will get your plants safely through the cold season. Stem roses with their high-seated grafting points experience the best protection from frost damage when one of these generously cut bags of jute is placed over their crowns. It also shades rhododendron, boxwood and other evergreens from the winter sun.

Sheep wool cold protection

Sheep wool cold protection

The fibers of sheep's wool naturally trap a lot of air. One reason why they are so well suited as a protection against the cold, and for balcony and potted plants. It is equally robust, but more loosely felted, which makes it lighter and thinner than the sheep's wool mat below. Placed around the crowns of stem roses and hardy potted plants on the terrace or in the conservatory, the fleece protects against cold, frost and wind. Smaller evergreens such as boxwood can be protected from winter sun with the material. Length about 2 m, width about 1 m.

10,90 €Basic price: 5,45 €/m²

Balcony and tub plants are much more dependent on winter protection than outdoor plants, which have far more soil volume available in the bed as a natural temperature buffer.