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Desinger furniture MariposaDesinger furniture Mariposa

Design icons outlast every trend. Highest quality, functionality and timeless elegance are what define them, characteristics that testify to their high value. From the filigree Mariposa armchair to the functional Ulmer stool - we present some of our popular classics.

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Home office and mobile workingHome office and mobile working

The ideal home office needs to be individually designed. Because when the boundaries between professional and private life are fluid, furniture with many different functions is needed. Our ideas for working at home turn the smallest corner into a mobile office and the large study into an all-purpose room.

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Cozy homeCozy home

Transform your home into an oasis of well-being. This can be achieved even with small things. Room scents from aromatherapy and traditional incense create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation in no time at all, but also help to revive your spirits.

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