Breathe deeply. Living with natural materials

Natural livingNatural living

The climate in the rooms we spend time in every day has a great influence on our quality of life. Room temperature, oxygen content and air humidity (both too low and too high humidity) directly influence our well-being. Natural materials with their many positive properties contribute to a balanced indoor climate in which you can breathe deeply. In most cases, they can be easily returned to the material cycle. Above all, however, products made of natural materials are durable and real climate heroes if they are manufactured in a resource-conserving and ecological manner. Discover the furniture, home accessories and home textiles in our range with which you can furnish your home in a way that is as stylish as it is climate-friendly.

Durable, distinctive and unique. Furniture and accessories made of wood

Wood deskWood desk

As a natural material, wood brings with it many positive properties. By nature, it offers high strength. Outdoors, its weather resistance is important; indoors, especially with open-pored wood, it contributes to a pleasant indoor climate. In the living area, it is therefore traditionally used for small and large constructions - from stools to shelf walls. Domestic woods with good ecological balance, selected according to the intended use, are an excellent alternative to tropical wood. Thanks to its unique grain, wood makes each product made of it unique.

Natural material with cuddle factor

Wool blanketWool blanket

Virgin wool, alpaca or yak hair - woven and knitted fabrics made from materials like these are naturally supple, remain wrinkle-free and drape beautifully. Thanks to the wavy, air-trapping and thus insulating fiber structure, wool textiles are warm in winter and pleasantly cooling in summer. Wool also has a regulating effect because it can absorb a lot of moisture and quickly wick it away again. On the other hand, wool hardly accepts dirt and odors. Washing wool textiles is therefore usually not necessary, it is usually sufficient if you briefly air out blankets, pillows and co.

Easy to care for by nature. Linen

Linen beddingLinen bedding

Flax is obtained from the flax plant, which is naturally frugal and easy to care for. In cultivation, flax or common flax is robust, improves the soil and requires almost no fertilizers or pesticides. As a light, air-permeable material with a pleasant feel, linen is primarily processed into clothing and home textiles. Its valuable properties are particularly evident in the warmer seasons. Linen bedding, for example, feels pleasantly cool on the skin because the fibers can absorb a lot of moisture and release it again quickly. Linen is also kind to the skin and, appreciated by allergy sufferers, dust and pollen repellent.

Strong, stronger, leather

Maripusa leather butterfly armchairMaripusa leather butterfly armchair

In most areas where leather is used, cowhide is used. Split into several layers after tanning, the thinner, slightly stretchy and supple leathers are preferred for clothing and shoes. High-quality full cowhide, on the other hand, offers high tensile strength and is used to make belts, for example. Exceptionally durable, tear- and abrasion-resistant, medium-weight cowhide grades are predestined for the production of high-quality seating furniture - from desk chairs to sofas.

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