Authentic, casual and creative: outfits for him

Whether stylish outfits for enduring characters or authentic classics for urbanites, casual looks for homies or creative combinations for forerunners: We have combined selected clothing, shoes and accessories for you - sustainably oriented and designed for far more than just one season. Let us inspire you and find the look that suits you perfectly.

Prudent and purposeful. For the steady and stylish

Mens Outfits Spring/Summer 2023 EstablishedMens Outfits Spring/Summer 2023 Established

Creative and challenging. For forerunners and impulse people

Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Avantgarde 2023Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Avantgarde 2023

Individual and confident. For the self-willed and the urban

Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Peaky Blinders 2023Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Peaky Blinders 2023

Casual and spontaneous. For the relaxed and adventurous

Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Homie 2023Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Homie 2023

Fit and relaxed. Sports and casual wear

Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Sporty 2023Mens Outfit Spring/Summer Sporty 2023