Spring is just around the corner. Is everything clean behind it yet?

Usually the first sunny and mild days of the year are used to thoroughly clean the house and household - a tradition that originated when people still cooked over the stove fire, let the laundry dry outside and aired clothes more often than they washed them. For this meant at the same time that over the cold, damp winter period - when windows and doors remained closed to keep the heat in - soot had accumulated in the kitchen, odors in the clothes, and dirt in blankets and carpets. Technical progress may have changed and made some things easier, but even today we roll up our sleeves in the spring to get rid of winter damp and wool mice.

Make your own environmentally friendly cleaning products

From just five proven home remedies - baking soda, soda, vinegar, citric acid and curd soap - you can make many cleaning products yourself. More than 30 recipes and over 300 applications are offered in the book "Five Home Remedies Replace a Drugstore", from which this simple recipe for an all-purpose cleaner also comes:

  • 3 teaspoons of soda powder
  • 3 teaspoons of grated curd soap
  • 700 ml of warm water * 1 spray bottle (from the old cleaner, for example)
  • a few drops of essential oil for the good scent, if desired.


  1. put curd soap and water in a small saucepan and heat slowly.
  2. stir extensively with a whisk until the curd soap has dissolved.
  3. after cooling, add all the other ingredients and stir.
  4. Pour finished all-purpose cleaner into spray bottle. Before each use, shake bottle briefly, spray cleaner onto soiled surfaces and wipe with sponge or rag.

Sweeping, mopping, window cleaning

Working at the base is not necessarily one of the preferred activities in the household. But unfortunately, you can't do without it either, because small stones, grit and scattered debris can quickly ruin the beautiful wooden floor, dust and pollen annoy sensitive noses, or the first rays of sunlight show how much the window panes have been neglected. So the sooner you get to it, the sooner you get out of it. And with the right cleaning equipment, the job is also much easier for you. For example, with the Sebo vacuum cleaner, which meets the conditions of an allergy-suffering household, or with a sponge mop that can be wringed out mechanically - your hands stay dry.

White or colored. Washing day

One of the most grandiose inventions is the washing machine, especially since it also has a wool wash cycle and the operating time can be programmed. This means that the mountain of laundry can be cleared away almost incidentally - or not even be created in the first place. All that's missing is a machine that does the rest, hanging, ironing and mending the laundry. Until that happens, you'll find everything you need to make laundry management easier: from laundry sorters to wash bags and detergents for the various fibers to rotary clothes dryers and useful helpers like a clothes care comb that removes pilling or garment bags for storing seasonal clothes.