Utensils for Shakes & Smoothies

Colorful is healthy and has an invigorating effect. In summer, when it's warm, fruits and vegetables taste great in liquid form. From the blender or freshly squeezed, the healthy ingredients are preserved, the combination with sprouts grown on the windowsill itself as well as green herbs from the balcony provides additional vitamins and minerals. An undreamt-of variety of flavors emerges from this, because it doesn't have to be banana as the base every time either. Try, for example, a fruit shake on ice with apple, basil and a spoonful of blossom honey. All kinds of berries, melon or pear bring fruity sweetness into the glass, pomegranate and lemon juice a rather tart note. Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables can also be used not only in shakes and smoothies, but also with the right spices to make a light, wholesome meal in the form of raw vegetable soup.