Garden tools for children. Not play but work stuff

Gardening with childrenGardening with children

Gardens are ideal places for children to experience nature firsthand and (together with their parents) create something meaningful. Whether sowing or harvesting, digging in the soil or tending the plants: There is always something to discover, and everywhere they can experiment to their heart's content. When working in the garden, children can be encouraged in an entertaining way, because here all the senses are addressed and trained in a playful way: What are the different leaf shapes? What does an earthworm feel like? What does freshly mown grass smell like and what does the soil smell like when it rains? Which bird is singing and can I discover it in the tree? Do red and yellow raspberries taste different?

He who grows shall also reap. Woven wire basket

Woven wire basket

Small and light, this basket is perfect for children. They can store in it the vegetable harvest from their garden bed (carrots, radishes, cucumbers, lettuce...) or transport their gardening gloves and tools. The small basket is made just like a big one: The mesh of resilient wire is elaborately stretched in a stable framework of an even stronger wire - so a very durable construction is created. The basket can be carried comfortably by the beechwood handle and is not too heavy even for younger children. Rim height 11.5 cm. Length 34 cm, width 22 cm. Weight 650 g.

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