Observation of nature. Exploratory spirit

Nature is full of wonders. If you walk through the day with an open mind and look just closely enough, you will easily find them - often they are right at our feet. Some are as tiny as an ant or a newly hatched tadpole, others as loud and powerful as a roll of thunder. But all of them are fantastic and extremely exciting - especially if you look at them with children's eyes. And if you have the right equipment at hand, there's nothing to stop the development of unbridled enthusiasm. We wish all the little explorers of the world lots of fun and amazement.

Discover scientific principles

Why are there pictures that move? Why do not all lamps shine the same? Why can a boat be powered by heat? And how does the whole world actually work? Anyone who has ever been asked the proverbial question knows that children always approach their environment with curiosity and natural interest. They discover with all their senses and fully engage with their experiences. In the process, they develop a great thirst for knowledge almost of their own accord, which can be satisfied, at least to some extent, with playful experiments and the joint search for answers.

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