Sustainable nursery

Sustainable from an early age. The colorful world of the children's room

Sustainable nurserySustainable nursery

My first, my own kingdom! Here I'm king, here I'm allowed to be - and as we all know, children are filled with sheer tireless energy, and not just in their own kingdom. From morning to night, they playfully conquer life, marvel and learn, jump and run, sing and talk, discover themselves and their world from ever new perspectives. What is found in the children's room should therefore be extremely durable and be able to withstand the sometimes impetuous childish interaction. From play furniture to wooden toys to the favorite cuddly toy: When furnishing the children's room, we pay meticulous attention to sustainable robustness, durability and, of course, functionality - because only the good things that keep their colorful promises in the long term awaken the joy of play and the spirit of discovery. Carefully processed woods with their inimitably warm feel, fabrics and woven plush made from natural materials, and paints, waxes and varnishes based on natural raw materials are a central concern for us. We want your offspring to be able to play freely and carefree, to live out their imagination, to discover, marvel and learn just as playfully - in their own colorful kingdom.

Fantastic worlds. Furniture in the nursery

In the game, every object can take on a fantastic role. A high chair can be transformed not only into a learning tower, but also into a pirate ship that sails across the oceans. A stool is transformed into a robbers' den, a carpet into a rally track. For his countless creative ideas, your offspring needs one thing above all: play furniture that is robust and durable even for unusual ideas.

To cuddle with pleasure. In lifelong friendship

Made with attention to detail, durable and long-lasting - our stuffed animals, dolls and children's blankets are designed to playfully live a childhood. We attach importance to pollutant-free materials of natural origin, such as solid, warm woods, organic cotton and kbT virgin wool. Because we want your child to be able to cuddle with his plush friend without risk to body and seams and lovingly snuggle into his Schmusedecke for as long and as extensively as he pleases.

Playfully understand, love and learn. With faithful companions

Children grasp their world with particular enthusiasm - and they love not only the haptic warmth that the material wood radiates. With their long-lasting robustness, our carefully crafted wooden toys also let your offspring live out their natural energy. Playfully, they encourage your child to act imaginatively and creatively, while developing physical and cognitive skills along the way. And the best thing about it: even after years of "playing", these wooden toys can bring new joy again and again.