Nature has finally shed its dreary clothes - lush greenery and colorful spring flowers are sprouting everywhere. What we have been dreaming of all winter can now be realized: a long breakfast on the sun-warmed balcony, a playful afternoon in the garden, an enjoyable barbecue evening on the terrace. Outside, we come alive, let our gaze wander into the green expanse and breathe in the freedom. We smell and taste, we feel spring and listen to its songs.

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It is not only in terms of architectural history that the balcony has undergone a gratifying transformation. Whereas balconies were once mainly used as a space for important (or self-important) citizens to represent themselves, today they are a wonderful way for city dwellers and others to enjoy life surrounded by sprouting greenery ...

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A warm, sunny afternoon in the garden - filled with children's laughter. The swing under the cherry tree is flying high, the tree house has just been climbed with the rope ladder and the kick-off for the next soccer tournament is on the freshly mown lawn. Now it's time for you to get out of your deckchair and get on the ball!

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