Outside is our home. As soon as the temperatures allow, the kitchen and dining room move outside - and we do too. The outdoor furniture awakens from its winter slumber and the barbecue regains its regular place on the balcony, while the spring sun gives us long-awaited warmth and brightness. What are you waiting for? Invite friends and family over for a sociable get-together in the open air. You can get everything you need from us, including recipe ideas.

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It doesn't take much to turn a simple beer garden set into an inviting table: colorful placemats or a summery tablecloth, sturdy yet elegant glassware and large plates that can hold large portions. Set in this way, the most delicious dishes land on the plate almost by themselves ...

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A good meal in convivial company makes a balcony evening perfect. For many, barbecuing is simply part of it. Our electric barbecues from Milantoast can prepare everything you know from a charcoal barbecue - and even more: panini and cheese and ham sandwiches like on vacation in Italy, for example.

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