Jewelry made from recycled materials. More than beautiful appearance

Ladies jewelry at ManufactumLadies jewelry at Manufactum

In the past, jewelry was used to show one's social status - and the wealthier one was, the more opulent the jewelry. Today, people literally adorn themselves with modesty. But you can not only show understatement with your jewelry, but also attitude, for example with the jewelry from fejn jewelry and Ménard, in which recycled silver and recycled gold are processed. Or with the amber jewelry by Marcin Zaremski, whose striking cubes are pressed from amber remains - proof that even fossil resin can undergo upcycling. And last but not least, the necklace by Guthmann, whose pendant in the form of the alchemical sun symbol was extracted from German rivers by environmentally friendly channel washing (without the addition of mercury or cyanides).

From the same manufacturer comes the tree-of-life pendant made of recycled 925 silver, for which Guthmann has a tree planted in the arid regions of Rajasthan in India for each copy sold. The resulting forest benefits the climate and is watered by rainfall alone. When it comes to wearing them, you enjoy every freedom, because conventions such as gold and silver not being worn together have long since been consigned to history. It is also now accepted that the ensemble worn does not necessarily come from a series - as long as the overall look is coherent. Thank the "Roaring Twenties" who paved the way with their fashion jewelry enthusiasm.

Selected jewelry in detail

Ring set bicolor, Gold-Silver

Delicate set of two filigree rings. The silver ring is quite plain, smooth and round. The gold plated ring shows a light hammered structure - similar to the "Spanish flower", a coin shape with indentations evenly distributed along the edge. 925 silver (recycled) and 925 silver (recycled), 24 carat gold plated. Width of each ring 1 mm. Total weight for size 17 = 0.9 g.

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Bracelet amber cubes, Brown tones

Encompassing the entire range of amber tones in its colorfulness, the bracelet bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary-modern design by combining the polished amber cubes with the matte silver cubes - which are separated by narrow silver discs, giving them visual scope as well. Treated amber polished, in different shades. Silver cube, hook clasp 925 silver matt brushed, silver discs 925 silver. Length 21 cm, edge length of the cubes 7 mm. Weight 17 g.

269,00 €
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Necklace with pendant tree of life

The tree of life pendant of this necklace from the jewelry manufacturer Martin Guthmann has symbolic value: for each chain sold, the manufacturer plants a tree in the drylands of Rajasthan (India). The resulting forest benefits the climate and is irrigated exclusively by rainfall. 925 silver (recycled). Chain length 46 cm. Ø pendant 1.3 cm, material thickness 1.7 mm. Weight 4 g.

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Necklace with pendant sun/gold symbol

The bowl-shaped pendant design is based on gold findings from the Celtic period - Celtic bowl gold. The stamping process gives the inherently soft fine gold more hardness, the bowl shape of the sun-shaped pendant gives the material greater stability. Pendant 999 gold. Stainless steel ball clasp. Cotton chain. Chain length 86 cm. Ø pendant 1,1 cm. Weight chain 3 g.

879,00 €
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