Summer fresh and light: outfits for her

Whether classic combinations for the style-conscious or authentic pieces for the independent, whether a natural look for the mindful or creative chic for the opinionated: We have combined selected clothing, shoes and accessories for you - sustainably oriented and designed for far more than just one season. Get inspired and find the look that suits you perfectly.

Classic and sophisticated. For the consistent and style conscious

Ladies outfit spring/summer 2023 EstablishedLadies outfit spring/summer 2023 Established

Creative and opinionated. For designers and impulse generators

Clothing Spring/Summer 2023 VisionaryClothing Spring/Summer 2023 Visionary

Determined and confident. For independent and individual

Clothing Spring/Summer 2023 IndependentClothing Spring/Summer 2023 Independent

Natural and confident. For the mindful and reflective

Clothing Spring/Summer 2023 MindfulClothing Spring/Summer 2023 Mindful

Festive and elegant. For parquet and celebration lovers

Clothing Spring/Summer 2023 FestiveClothing Spring/Summer 2023 Festive