A day in the country with Krautkopf

From the big city of Berlin out to the countryside: In February 2018, Susann Probst and Yannic Schon fulfilled their dream and purchased an old settlers' house on 3,200 square meters of land, which they have since been renovating, planning and designing according to their ideas. The desire had matured over many years; the need for an original, nature-loving and above all conscious life led the two from the pulsating metropolis to the Mecklenburg village idyll. With love for detail they are building their home here. They take a well-considered approach, carefully weighing every purchase and consciously making every purchasing decision. Susann and Yannic plan their fruit and vegetable garden in such a way that it also provides a habitat for numerous animals. Little by little, an atmospheric place of deceleration was created under their hands - a new piece of home.

Susann and Yannic's lifestyle includes growing their own food and only buying in what they cannot produce themselves. When buying in, they also pay attention to seasonality and regionality. They have turned their passion for cooking into a profession: as the heads of the food blog "Krautkopf", they appreciate high-quality products that contribute to a good cooking and baking experience. At the same time, they pay attention to where these products were made and what materials were used in the process. Susann and Yannic love durable products that give pleasure in the long run - and that applies not only in the kitchen, but to all areas of their daily lives.

Krautkopf and Manufactum

The paths of Krautkopf and Manufactum crossed several years ago. In their vegetarian cookbook, Susann and Yannic document their blog experiences in stories, recipes and atmospheric photographs. So convincing that we included the cookbook in our range, where it can still be found today. Since then, their shared enthusiasm for cooking has led to further projects, including joint events and various photography projects.