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Benedictine Monastery Chantelle

Benedictine Monastery ChantelleBenedictine Monastery Chantelle

Chantelle is almost a fortress, an old Romanesque fortified complex near Vichy that has housed Benedictine nuns since 1853: the Abbey of St. Vincent. It is not one of the big, famous monasteries, and yet the ensemble of buildings high above the town has a great deal of charm and originality. For this reason alone, the monastery is not infrequently on the itinerary of travelers looking around the Allier department, but there is another reason to go there, namely the body care products that have been produced by the sisters since 1954. To cope with the growing workload, the convent not only employs suitably trained staff. What is probably unique is the cooperation with the monks of the Bellegarde Abbey in western France, who have taken over part of the production. For the nuns reason for joy that since then two communities can earn their living with this work.