Gutes aus Klöstern

The Königsmünster monastery bakery in Meschede

According to an old Latin mnemonic verse, the Zisterzienser preferred valleys, the Benedictines mountains, the Franciscans small towns and the Jesuits large towns for their monasteries: "Bernhardus valles, montes Benedictus amabat, / oppida Franciscus, magnas Ignatius urbes". The Benedictines of Königsmünster Abbey have certainly kept to this, for their monastery towers high above the Sauerland town of Meschede. From a bird's eye view, you can see that it is a real little monastery town: in the foreground, the high school and the monastery buildings, flanked by the House of Silence and the "Oasis," and further back, the workshops with a blacksmith's shop, carpenter's shop and farm. All this is embedded in a park-like garden. The Meschede monastery bakery supplies the monks of the abbey as well as their guests with meals and drinks - we have been purchasing the extremely juicy fruit bread from there for a long time, as well as crispy Printen or aromatic muesli bars. Father Werner's bakery also produces spicy shortbreads, fine English tea cakes and Linz cookies.