Christmas decoration

A glamorous crowning glory. Christmas tree decorations

Festive shimmering baubles, stars and pendants - some ornaments simply belong on every Christmas tree to make it shine in all its glory. Some Christmas decorations have been around for decades or even centuries, while other beautiful pieces are well on their way to becoming timeless classics. And everyone lives the tradition in their own way - some like it lavish, others love it simple. Let yourself be inspired and discover our lovingly crafted, timelessly beautiful Christmas tree decorations, which create a contemplative atmosphere every year.

Hand-felted Christmas messengers. Gry & Sif

These charming Christmas messengers made of wool felt come from the Danish company Gry & Sif. The designs - as striking as they are discreet and at the same time carefree and cheerful - are provided by Gry Staunstrup in typical Danish design, while Nepalese women carry out the traditional handiwork. Now Fair Trade certified, Gry & Sif stands for fair wages and working conditions, environmentally conscious production and transparency. Only pure New Zealand wool is used for the felt products - each of which is unique and handmade. With its clear shapes and colors, the Scandinavian design forms the perfect basis for using the unique felted items for other seasons or festive occasions.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how green are your leaves

For most people, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is inextricably linked with Christmas. According to estimates, up to 26 million Christmas trees end up in German living rooms, unfortunately often from intensive plantations where many pesticides are used. But there is a more environmentally conscious way: with reusable alternatives - decorated to perfection, they spread their Christmassy splendor anew every year. And if you prefer the classic fir or spruce, then local trees from organic forestry or organic Christmas tree plantations are the environmentally friendly and resource-saving solution.

Christmas tree decorations in the Lauscha tradition

Glass has accompanied the small town of Lauscha in the Thuringian Forest for more than 400 years. As early as 1597, the Swabian Hans Greiner and Christoph Müller from Bohemia established the first glassworks in Thuringia here, laying the foundations for the Lauscha glass industry, which is world-famous today. Our diverse range of Lauscha Christmas tree decorations - from crystal, glass and reflective baubles to glass birds and miniature shapes - reflects centuries of experience in the art of glassblowing. The glass tree decorations are still traditionally mouth-blown in front of the flame or blown into two-part negative molds and artistically decorated.

Filigree work. Star silhouette technique

The special fold-cutting technique, in which a sheet of paper folded several times is cut, has been passed down from generation to generation for these stars. To this day, they are created by hand fold by fold, cut by cut, pattern row by pattern row and with striking meticulousness - yet each star is ultimately unique. Usually working freehand, the maker has exceptionally developed various patterns according to which she makes the stars for us (each pattern is assigned a specific size). The ends accurately glued and sewn together, each star receives its finishing touch with a fine layer of colored varnish that gives it additional strength. And delicate as it is, it not only cleans up the Christmas tree quite immensely, but as a solitaire is also able to effectively decorate windows, doors and walls.

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