Christmas decoration

Classic Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorationsChristmas tree decorations

There are two serious tree decorating traditions. The first comes from the Biedermeier period, the last tasteful epoch of the past 200 years. Biedermeier tree decorations always consisted of only a few pieces: apples, gilded nuts, brass and painted pewter figurines, wooden Erzgebirge toy miniatures and pastries. The second tradition arose from the criticism of the Gründerzeit opulence, which made the Christmas tree almost disappear under a plethora of kitsch. It led to the "white tree", which tried to do justice to the symbolism of the "festival of light in winter" with an atmosphere of "ice and snow and fire".

Christmas tree decorations from Lauscha

For over 400 years, the material glass has accompanied the small town of Lauscha in the Thuringian Forest. In 1597, the Swabian Hans Greiner and the Bohemian Christoph Müller built the first glassworks in Thuringia and laid the foundation for the world-famous local glass industry.

Filigree work. Star silhouette technique

The special fold-cutting technique, in which a sheet of paper folded several times is cut, has been passed down from generation to generation for these stars. To this day, they are created by hand fold by fold, cut by cut, pattern row by pattern row and with striking meticulousness - yet each star is ultimately unique. Usually working freehand, the maker has exceptionally developed various patterns according to which she makes the stars for us (each pattern is assigned a specific size). The ends accurately glued and sewn together, each star receives its finishing touch with a fine layer of colored varnish that gives it additional strength. And delicate as it is, it not only cleans up the Christmas tree quite immensely, but as a solitaire is also able to effectively decorate windows, doors and walls.

Stars from spruce wood chips

Star wood shaving

The first stars of this kind were created when tree ornaments like precious nuts or apples were not affordable for everyone. So people made a virtue out of necessity and made jewelry from the materials that were available and hardly cost anything. Just as glassblowers blew fine baubles from the glass they dealt with every day, carpenters used freshly planed shavings, which fell abundantly in the workshop as a waste product, and laid them over fir branches. Today, the Fürth-based manufacturer of the stars has fine shavings specially planed to his specifications, sourcing the wood for this from the Bavarian Forest. Cut into strips, the shavings are formed by hand into bag-like shapes and glued together to form a star.

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All brass. From gift idea to jewelry pendant

The tradition of producing simple decorative pendants from sheet brass is quite old in the gold and silver town of Schwäbisch-Gmünd. Already in the Middle Ages, master craftsmen in the town produced such pendants. They were sawn out of sheet metal with a fretsaw; at first exclusively to be able to give them away cheaply. Over the years and decades, new motifs were added, so that the sideline with small gifts could become a main business. For our supplier, the production of the jewelry pendants was even only a hobby in the beginning. Now in the 3rd generation, laser technology and machine punching have replaced fret saws in the business since the 1990s. However, all the finishing work, gilding and polishing are still carefully done by hand.

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