Christmas decoration

Classic Advent decoration

Advent decorationAdvent decoration

Advent, that is the contemplative time, a time of preparation full of anticipation. We use Advent wreaths and calendars to count the weeks and days until Christmas, and in the meantime we decorate our homes festively: with candlelight and stars, wreaths and nativity scenes, pyramids and arches of lights. Whether you want to follow the traditional or establish your own style, whether you prefer to decorate lavishly or preferably simply: We show you here our wide selection of timeless Advent decorations, with which you will be able to celebrate your anticipation in the long run - every year again.

Under a good (Herrnhut) star

Herrnhuter SterneHerrnhuter Sterne

We do not celebrate Christmas in the same way all over the world. But we all know the Star of Bethlehem as a central Christmas symbol. One of the guiding stars of this tradition is the Herrnhut Star, whose success story is unparalleled: The star of the Moravian Church of the Brethren advanced to become a famous Christmas classic, bringing us a festive mood with its impressive 25 rays - indoors and outdoors, with or without illumination. Like the Herrnhut Star for outdoor use, which already announces the Christmas season radiantly in front of your front door.

Warm, soft and atmospheric

Candles & candle holdersCandles & candle holders

Nothing makes your Christmas room decorations as well as your festive table glow as atmospherically as the warm, soft light of candles, whose gleam is reflected in the windows, on the china and in the glasses. With candle holders that raise the candlelight steadily above the dresser, table and table, you let your decoration shine far and wide - most impressively with candles made of pure beeswax, which at the same time spread their delicate scent of flowers and honey in the room.

More Advent decoration

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