Dish up. Ideas for a festive table

On festive occasions - when dear guests are expected and are to be entertained - the table can be a little more elaborate. A beautiful tablecloth, for example, can provide a colorful contrast for fine glasses, exquisite crockery and gleaming cutlery. And once the final decorations have been put in place with a little candlelight and even more attention to detail, the focus can finally be on the essentials: the food. But, as we all know, you eat with your eyes, don't you?

Table pleasures. When the napkin matches the tablecloth

With a tablecloth, you can give any table a festive touch - it's entirely up to you how dignified you want it to be. Choose tablecloths made of robust linen or in cheerful, bright colors for summer garden parties or transform your dining table into a festive table with fine jacquard tablecloths, matching napkins, beautiful glasses and a few decorative elements. Less opulent are table runners or placemats, which can also add a splash of color to the table.

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