On the road. With camper van and motorhome

Next trip: adventure! Simply travel in a different way and discover the world beyond hotels and vacation apartments - with a longing for freedom in your luggage. On the road with a camper van or motorhome, you can spontaneously stay where you feel comfortable, relax and enjoy the little things in life again: the cheerful chirping of the birds at sunrise, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the cool morning air, the feeling of soft moss under your bare feet, the crackling campfire under the wide starry sky ... Set off and take a trip into the blue. We have already prepared the right travel companions for you.

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You can actually hike anywhere, but we usually think of mountain hikes, perhaps because of the breathtaking views that the peaks you climb offer and in view of which everyday life and worries quickly fade away. However, you can get away from the daily grind anywhere - provided you are well equipped.

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Travel opens the mental horizon, lets one's own home appear in a new light, encourages critical comparison and inspires. And this happens long before the journey begins - when travel routes and destinations are identified or the suitcase is packed for testing. Here you will find a collection of practical and durable travel accessories, from bags with large openings to notebooks and pens for travel documentation.

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