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How to Pack a Suitcase

Pack suitcasePack suitcase

I pack my suitcase and take with me: three pairs of pants, five shirts, a toothbrush and a spare pair of shoes. What sounds so simple in the playful version and at most challenges concentration and memory, in reality brings more than a few travelers-to-be to the brink of despair: packing a suitcase. On the one hand, there's the worry of forgetting something, and on the other, the act of stowing it in the suitcase, which can bring some people logistically to the limits of their own capabilities. So that you can treat packing in the future as a ritual that increases your anticipation of the trip - instead of taking it away before it even starts - we've put together some helpful tips for you. With these, you can pack. Promise.

Tidiness is half the battle. Create a packing list

Everything that should be laid out withEverything that should be laid out with

Admittedly: We can't help you decide what to pack in your suitcase. However, experience - both your own and that of others - can help to make future travel preparations more relaxed. Make lists, preferably sorted by categories such as "clothing," "cosmetics," "medications" or "travel documents," which you can check off one by one and refer to again on the next similar trip without having to do the work all over again. Packing lists on the Internet or apps for your cell phone make it easier to create such lists with helpful templates.

The most important tip first: Gather everything you need to take with you first and spread it out clearly to get an overall view.
To avoid creases and lack of space in the suitcase, you should heed the following advice:

  1. Actually logical, but not always consistently implemented: The heaviest things go at the bottom of the suitcase, so that they slide less and thus lighter, more delicate things can not squeeze. The bottom is the part of the suitcase that is usually the lowest during transport. Will mean: The area furthest from the handle. If you now think: That goes without saying, just read on and ignore this part.
  2. Shoes are usually among the heaviest goods in the suitcase and are therefore packed first. Shoe bags not only protect the shoes from getting scratched, they also protect the clothes from getting dirty. The rule is: each shoe in its own bag. Shoes without shoe trees are also perfect for holding socks inside. This saves space and helps keep shoes in shape.
  3. Recommended by backpackers and now increasingly common among suitcase packers: Roll your clothes instead of folding them. What may seem unfamiliar and perhaps impractical at first, reveals distinct advantages upon closer inspection: The laundry gets no creases and can also be stored more space-saving and clearly in the suitcase.
  4. You can roll the clothes individually or in larger bundles: insensitive garments inside - here is also suitable underwear - more sensitive goods outside. Arrived at the vacation place, you shake out the clothes only once - one will hardly see her the strains of the journey. Especially pants, sweaters and T-shirts are suitable for this type of transport.
  5. Sensitive accessories can also be protected by rolling. Sunglasses wrapped in T-shirts reach the destination without damage, ties or light silk scarves arrive wrinkle-free wrapped around empty cardboard rolls.
  6. Wrapping, as a separating layer between different layers and also for stuffing sleeves. This prevents friction - a major cause of wrinkles. Lay these garments on top last in the lying suitcase or use spatially separated areas of the suitcase for storage, if available. Always stack shirts offset from each other so collars don't flatten each other and space in the suitcase is used more efficiently.
  7. A final tip for couples traveling together and with two suitcases: Pack crosswise. Stowing a few essential items of clothing, cosmetics and accessories in both pieces of luggage will help you be prepared in case one of the suitcases gets lost on the trip.