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Wear scarf with style. Tie variants

Wear scarf with styleWear scarf with style

A scarf is always two things: a functional addition to outerwear and a fashion accessory with visual impact. So not only does it keep your neck, shoulders and head warm (depending on how you wrap it), but it also elevates your look - and in a colorful version, possibly your mood during the often dreary cold season. At the same time, you have far more options for tying the scarf than simply wrapping it around your neck - you can see some here.

Accessorize with variety. Our 10 ideas


Tie variant for long. wide scarvesTie variant for long. wide scarves

One of the simplest ways to drape a scarf that still creates an appealing effect. Put the scarf around the back of the neck and throw one end over the shoulder from the front. Wide scarves come out particularly well this way.

Variant 1Variant 1


Wrap the scarf around the front of your neck and cross it at the nape. Bring both ends back to the front so that they hang loosely from the shoulders. Now tie them at the sides (not in the middle!) into a very loose knot. Make sure that the knot is not too tight, because that's what makes this variation.



Fold the scarf in half and place it around the neck so that you can pull the loose ends through the loop. Now pull the loop a little looser and turn it 180 degrees. Put the ends of the shell through this second loop from the top. Finally, pull the whole thing a little tight and into shape.



Long, wide scarves look good when worn like a poncho. To do this, place the scarf around the neck and let it fall broadly over the shoulders to the front. Fold the side near the neck outwards so that a narrow shawl collar is created. This works especially well if the scarf has two colors. Now tie a belt around the waist to hold the scarf.

Variant 5Variant 5


The classic that almost everyone has worn. Wrap the scarf around the front of your neck and cross it at the nape. Bring both ends forward and drape so that they fall loosely from the shoulders. Make sure that the lengths of the ends are clearly different so that it looks visually coherent.

Variant 6Variant 6


This variant, which can be seen on the streets of Paris, is well suited for thick and fluffy scarves. To do this, put the scarf around the back of the neck and tie a simple knot in front. Then make a second loose knot under it, but pull one end of the scarf only halfway through, so that it ends invisibly behind the knot.

Variant 7Variant 7


Why not just tie the scarf as a bow? This variant is unusual, easy to tie and looks chic. Tie the scarf at the front of the neck like a shoelace with a classic bow and then push it to the side. Less voluminous, finer scarves are particularly suitable here.

Variant 8Variant 8


Milanese variant is not at all difficult to tie, but looks chic. First fold the scarf in the middle and put it around the neck as a loop from behind. Now put one of the two ends of the scarf through the loop and then simply knot the two hanging ends together. Pull the finished scarf into shape a little.

Variant 9Variant 9


This double knot requires a little concentration, but the effort is worth it. Place the scarf loosely over your shoulders so that the center of the scarf hangs at about navel level and the ends of the scarf dangle behind your back. Now form a loop in the front by twisting and bring both scarf ends from the back to the front. Now put the left scarf end through the loop from above, while pulling the right scarf end through the loop from below.

Variant 10Variant 10


For long, wide scarf is suitable variant. Spread the scarf out completely and fold it twice until a large triangle is formed. Place this around the front of the torso and loosely knot the ends together at the nape of the neck.

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