Travel bags

I pack my bag and take with me: natural materials of the highest quality, excellent craftsmanship by experienced manufacturers, proven functionality, timeless design and robust durability. Read more


Size isn't everything. Travel bags of format

I pack my bag and take with me: natural materials of the highest quality, excellent craftsmanship by experienced manufacturers, tried and tested functionality, timeless design and robust durability. When someone goes on a trip, they not only have a lot to tell, but usually also a lot to transport. And if you travel frequently, you want your travel bag to be a reliable, long-term companion. Our travel bags do just that. And just like their owners, they bear eloquent witness to their experiences.

You have something in your hand. Substantial materials, outstanding workmanship

What do you expect from your travel bag? It should probably be sturdy and be able to take a lot. Resistant to environmental influences without having to use chemicals. Pleasant to the touch, because after all, you both have a few points of contact. And above all, carefully crafted to withstand the stresses and strains of a journey effortlessly. Our travel bags are therefore not only as close to nature as possible in terms of color. We also rely almost entirely on the good properties of natural raw materials when selecting materials

  • The traditional material for durable travel companions is leather. Whether strong bull leather, supple cowhide or supple sheepskin, our manufacturers select the right variant in the optimum finish and material thickness for every purpose and every wearing requirement, although it can sometimes be a little thicker. As a rule, all our leathers are vegetable-tanned, some of them are also traditionally pit-tanned and therefore even firmer and more dimensionally stable. Depending on the degree and type of processing, the feel varies between pleasantly smooth and textured with character. All our leathers have a warm feel in common
  • Our travel bags made from cotton canvas or canvas made from half-linen are also extremely robust. Firmly and densely woven from strong yarns, the plant-based material is generally somewhat more flexible and lighter, but not necessarily less hard-wearing than the animal alternative. With its water-repellent finish, it can also withstand somewhat harsher weather
  • Pure linen, especially in the strong fabric quality we use, is also an extremely durable travel bag material. Tear-resistant with maximum flexibility, it is the stuff that folding travel bag dreams are made of. The opulence of the main material is of course also reflected in the fittings and zippers, handles, reinforcements, straps and linings. Crafted by our experienced manufacturers with precision and finesse as well as an eye for detail, our travel bags are a real challenge to concepts such as planned obsolescence. With some models, even your grandchildren will still have plenty of fun.

The devil is in the detail. The best travel bag for every need

Depending on the purpose of the trip, the means of transportation and the duration of the trip, different requirements are placed on a travel bag. Our range may not seem particularly extensive at first glance, but it takes into account a whole range of different requirements. Instead of an unmanageable mass, we offer a curated reduction to the essentials. Here are a few aspects that distinguish travel bags apart from their materiality

Size and volume

Of course, the main question here is how much you want to transport, which is usually closely linked to the duration of your trip. Will you only be away from home for one night or will you be traveling for several days? Do you only need clothes and cosmetics, are you also taking work materials with you or do you like to plan lightly to leave room for souvenirs? Our range extends from the spacious handbag, the extended laptop bag and the flexible backpack to the practical weekender and the spacious duffle bag. Are you planning to take your travel bag with you as hand luggage on the plane? Then find out in advance from your airline about the permitted dimensions and maximum permitted weight. All our models are spacious in their own way and, above all, intelligently designed. Thanks to their large and stable openings, they are easy to fill and guarantee a good overview even when fully loaded.


The weight of your travel bag is not only a relevant criterion when traveling by plane. If you frequently transport it yourself over long distances, a lighter model may be recommended. Here you need to weigh up your preferred look against carrying comfort, as our heavy leather travel bags naturally weigh a little more.


With their timeless design, our travel bags stand the test of time and outlast many seasons and trends. Some models are more classic, perhaps even with a traditional twist or based on historical models, while others are more sporty. You can be seen with all our stylish travel bags - both privately and in a professional context.


A travel bag is a travel bag is a travel bag? Not at all. Some travel bags out there are little more than a big sack. Throw it in, close it, done. Clarity or order? Not a chance. Black holes in which everything disappears. A good travel bag differs from these models by:

  • a sensible interior and, if necessary, additional compartments on the outside, especially if you don't want to carry any other bags with you;
  • a color-accentuated, ideally even bright lining that makes it easier to find;
  • its dimensional stability. Some of our travel bags have a reinforced base with protective metal feet, supporting side elements or metal brackets that stabilize the opening
  • the availability of different carrying options. Almost all of our models offer the option of keeping your hands free with an additional, often padded, wide shoulder strap. With some travel bags, the weight can even be distributed over both shoulders like a rucksack
  • the quality of the finishing details: protective applications on exposed edges, padded handles or concealed functional parts
  • additional accessories. Some of our travel bags can be further enhanced with matching small leather goods such as toiletry bags, purses or cosmetic bags. Separately available, lightweight inner pockets, so-called packing cubes, can also significantly improve the organization of your travel bag.


Last but not least, many of our travel bag models shine not only as touring companions but also as practical support in everyday life - as a spacious handbag, back-friendly rucksack, sports or business laptop bag with extra storage space.

Made clean. The right care and cleaning of our travel bags

Basically, the best care for our travel bags, especially those made of leather, is to use them. Movement keeps them supple and only a bag that has experienced something develops its multifaceted and individual look. But waxed canvas also lives through its use. Suitcases used to tell of their adventures with stickers. Our travel bags do the same thanks to their characteristic patina.

Should you nevertheless feel the need to clean a major or minor mishap or treat your travel bag to a little extra care, our range offers a carefully compiled selection of specialized care and cleaning products, which we have also provided with a guide to leather care. For the other materials, cotton canvas, canvas and linen, we recommend careful cleaning with warm water and a light, lint-free cloth.

Tucked into your (travel) bag. The superiority over suitcases

In conclusion, when do you even need a travel bag? And isn't a suitcase perhaps the wiser choice? Of course, if you are planning a longer trip and have a lot of luggage with you, a suitcase, possibly with wheels, may be the better alternative. But, especially if you want to keep it short, travel bags show their full potential. Whether it's a

  • business trip, a private weekend getaway or a short trip,
  • a quick flight (keyword: hand luggage), a trip by train or a tour by car,
  • sporting events or more extensive leisure activities,

Travel bags are not only lighter than a solid suitcase, they

  • are also more manageable in the truest sense of the word,
  • usually offer various carrying options,
  • are more flexible and, thanks to practical additional compartments, are sometimes tidier than a suitcase when filled and
  • are often easier to stow in the means of transport of choice.

You could say that if a handbag and a suitcase were to marry, the result would be a travel bag. The best of both worlds, so to speak. One that can make the other two superfluous. When the quality of workmanship and materials, practical details and timeless design come together, the result is a statement. A statement that lasts. At least when it's not on the move.