You don't even need your own garden or balcony to let nature blossom in the city. Inner-city wastelands, which the urban garden guerrillas of earlier years so persistently opened up to us, have long since been used in a variety of ways by garden initiatives. And even in a small, paved backyard, you can create a green and blooming oasis - perhaps even together with your neighbors. A great way to get started with urban gardening is a raised bed where you can grow herbs and vegetables. Or you can create a niche of sparkling natural life by arranging planters of different sizes and letting insect-friendly plants bloom in them. If you also collect rainwater in a barrel or tub, you will also be gardening with less CO2 than if you irrigate with drinking water.

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Not everyone has a garden where he can plant large fruit trees and berry bushes. But even those who have a terrace or balcony, do not have to do without homegrown fruits and vegetables. Because many varieties also grow in tubs.

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Every pot has a lid and every plant has a pot. Whether your plants thrive well and healthily - whether outside on the balcony or terrace, in the greenhouse or in the home - depends on various factors: the right location, a sufficient supply of nutrients and water and, of course, the right planter.

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