Building in the garden

Steel planter baskets for slope stabilization. Against the visual pollution of the environment

They are ubiquitous in concrete: so-called embankment stones, which are anything but attractive (unfortunately all the more durable) and are often overgrown by greenery only more or less. Our expanded metal baskets are much more aesthetically pleasing because they are practically invisible, and they are also extremely sturdy. They can be used in many ways in the garden: for slope stabilization, for the construction of steps and terrain transitions or for supporting terraces. The metal grids are permeable not only for earthworms and other useful soil organisms, but of course also for fertilizer and water. One piece; per meter you need three lattice baskets. Galvanized steel. Height 29,5 cm, width 43 cm, depth 38,5 cm.

14,90 €

Flexible: corrugated sheet lawn edging

It is robust, very stable and, because it is made from a strip of corrugated metal, can still be bent in any direction. So, if slight slopes in the terrain are to be permanently compensated, steps are to be fixed or paths are to be contoured, this is the lawn edge of choice. It is a few centimeters higher than the other lawn edges in our range. 5 m on a roll. Galvanized metal sheet (thickness 0.5 mm). Height 20 cm, length 5 m.

37,90 €Basic price: 7,58 €/m

On edge. Preventing conflicts between neighbors

Lawn edge steel galvanized

Lawn edging made of bendable, permanently galvanized and thus rust-protected sheet steel: With their help, you can prevent grasses from encroaching on beds and paved paths in the direct vicinity of the lawn. It can also be used to raise borders. Two or more edges - each 1.18 m long - are joined together by inserting them into each other, either in a straight line or at an angle of up to 90°. Height 13 cm, length 118 cm.

9,90 €Basic price: 8,39 €/m

Flexibly laid. Effectively separated

Dug into the ground between lawns and beds, this edge, made of recycled rubber, effectively separates different garden areas. For this purpose, you can even cut the 3 mm thick elastic tape to size before "laying" - this is easily done with appropriately strong scissors. The robust material is very durable and resistant to weathering and mechanical stress - an ungentle step with a work shoe or running over it with a loaded wheelbarrow will not harm it. Height 15 cm, length 5 m. Material thickness 3 mm.

27,90 €Basic price: 5,58 €/m