Establish and protect beneficial insects

There is more in your garden

It chirps and hums, flutters and flits around us - the warm season has begun and life is awakening in our garden. Those who design their green oasis close to nature are never alone anymore and can enjoy a multitude of native garden inhabitants. In many places the natural balance is out of step, insects are disappearing worldwide and with them other beneficial insects. Contribute to the preservation of biodiversity by creating valuable food sources, breeding and hibernation sites for bees, birds, hedgehogs & Co.

Little helpers for the garden

  • Ladybugs, earwigs, hoverflies, lacewings, birds and hedgehogs are excellent biological pest controllers. They exterminate countless aphids, mites, caterpillars and slugs and establish a natural balance in your garden without the need to resort to aggressive, chemical pesticides. Welcome the beneficial insects to your garden and invite them to stay with natural habitat structures such as near-natural, flowering meadows and hedge margins, piles of leaves and dead wood, as well as suitable nesting aids and dwellings.

Request permission to land

  • Bees, especially wild bees, are excellent pollinators - they visit up to 5,000 flowers in just one day. To ensure that as many of them as possible land in your garden and stay there, a variety of nectar- and pollen-rich plants should thrive there throughout the season. Make landing palatable for the furry insects - with site-appropriate bee pasture plants and suitable nesting aids to support the rearing of their offspring and offer you protection from frost and rain.