Let it green and bloom! Nature-conscious gardening


A near-natural and species-rich garden with native plants, insect-friendly flowers and habitats for wildlife requires us all to pitch in. That we take pleasure in sowing and planting and make sure we choose plants that are suitable for their location. That we use water sparingly and install rain barrels. That we help insects and birds through the winter by leaving flowering plants standing and not immediately swinging the scissors - in short: that we preserve the cycle of nature.

Budding garden happiness. Growing on the windowsill

Cultivation and careCultivation and care

The days are gradually getting longer - time for young vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants can be grown on the windowsill from the end of February. Earlier is not recommended, as the seedlings need plenty of light to thrive. Discover our variety of seed-resistant seeds of tasty, robust and vital varieties as well as the matching sowing trays and pots - made plastic-free from materials such as natural rubber, wood fibres and hot-dip galvanized sheet steel.

Relax, switch off, enjoy. Comfortable garden furniture

Garden furnitureGarden furniture

A garden designed close to nature - blooming, lively and colorful with bees - is the perfect place to relax. Here we can find peace and quiet while listening to the singing and humming of the feathered and winged inhabitants of the garden. This is where we celebrate summer with a convivial barbecue evening under the stars. We offer you the right furniture for your outdoor oasis, so solidly made that it will carry you comfortably through countless summers.

Indoor gardening. When the home is green and blooming

Indoor gardeningIndoor gardening

Who says that gardening happiness is only possible in the open air? After all, there is room in even the smallest hut. And a green thumb (or those who want to become one) will also flourish in indoor gardening - as long as you take into account the natural requirements of the plants. In addition to sufficient light and enough water, you can also promote the growth of your indoor plants with the right treatment. We will show you how and with what you can best nurture and care for them leaf by leaf.

Effortlessly create a beautiful garden. High-quality garden tools

Garden toolsGarden tools

Optimized functionality, high-quality materials and neat craftsmanship: a good tool is half the (garden) work. If the spade handle effortlessly withstands your muscle and leverage strength, if the rose shears cut the branch cleanly, if your plants survive the loosening of the soil undamaged even in narrow beds - then you will experience unadulterated pleasure in your gardening activities in the long term.

Magnificent blossom, delicious fruit. Greening the balcony

Planting the balconyPlanting the balcony

You don't necessarily need a garden to welcome spring. No matter how small the space, your green visions can become reality. Herbs and vegetables can be grown in our balcony raised beds or balcony boxes. Even fruit can be cultivated on balconies and terraces. We not only have the right accessories, but also special seeds, plants and shrubs of tasty and rare species and varieties.