CARE BY ME. Danish design, traditional craftsmanship

Care by meCare by me

Behind the Danish label CARE BY ME are designer Camilla Gullits and her business partner Pernille Pold. Their designs combine Danish design and the traditional craftsmanship of India and Nepal, as their aim is not only to offer high-quality and durable clothing and home textiles, but also to produce them in a way that conserves resources and is fair. In Nepal, for example, handmade textiles make up a large part of the national economy; as in India, the production of textiles is traditionally in the hands of women. CARE BY ME therefore works with small workshops where women can learn and practise the traditional craft in order to provide them with a secure income and an independent life. The knitwear is either still knitted by hand in the traditional way or produced on old hand knitting machines. Weaving is done both manually and semi-automatically, which is also due to the fact that electricity is only sporadically available in Kathmandu, for example.

Materials from the treasures of nature

The top priority at CARE BY ME is to produce textiles with the highest level of quality and responsibility for people and the environment. Without exception, natural materials are used, wherever possible from local production. The new wool comes from the region around Kathmandu, where it is also spun and processed using traditional craftsmanship. The cotton used comes from controlled organic cultivation. CARE BY ME sources it from a GOTS and Fairtrade-certified partner company in India, which guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions for everyone involved in the supply chain - from the farmers to the employees in textile production. For the spring and summer collection in particular, materials such as organic cotton and linen are combined - skin-friendly, airy and breathable. Some summer scarves are woven from pure, softly flowing silk.

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