Medicinal plants

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Medicinal plants and herbs have always been an integral part of the medicine cabinet. They contain a variety of active ingredients that help to alleviate complaints, contribute to well-being and have proven their worth in body care. Whether the plant is used as a whole or only parts of it, whether as an infusion or extract, depends on the purpose, place of use and complaints. In our medicinal plant encyclopedia, we present a brief portrait of some of the best-known medicinal plants. In addition to information on their origin and occurrence, you will also find details of their ingredients and uses. By the way, many of the listed medicinal plants are used for the products of our body care series.

Medicinal plants from A to Z:

Manufactum Body Care. Pharmacy fillings in pharmacopoeia quality

The basis of our body care series are well thought-out formulas that are reduced to the essentials and contain only what serves the purpose. When it comes to the ingredients, our two pharmacists, who developed the series with us and produce it themselves, place particular emphasis on the proven active ingredients of medicinal plants. Although they are body care products and not medicinal preparations, most of them have pharmacopoeia quality according to the current German and European Pharmacopoeia. The identity, purity and active ingredient content of the source materials are subject to strict controls here, which guarantee freshness, the best quality and thus efficacy. Manufactum Body Care